''In the name of the mankind''

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  • Published: 19 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2014
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Korrina will be chosen to save the mankind of Avalonia.


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     Very deep on the planet, called''Avalonia'' there is a small village. This planet is called''the purple planet'' because the skin of the  people who live there has purple nuances.
 In the small village women give birth to boys only. For 100 years the population haven't seen a baby girl to come out a woman's womb.
 There was also a prophecy that says that when the first baby girl is born, throughout her life that girl should be taught and prepared for the great fight with a vicious obi-man who will come from unknown galaxy and will try to destroy the whole mankind on Avalonia. Now, the future of Avalonia depends on an unborn child.
  There is at the moment pregnant woman in the village. Everybody hopes that she will give birth to baby girl. But this is only a desperate hope that still doesn't come in fruition. Only the superior Lord decides what will happen.
                                                                      . . .
    Indeed, for the first time in 100 years, the village woman holds her first daughter. The woman gave her the name Korrina which in their language means 'warrior'.
 Korrina was in good health. Her mother felt happy and relieved when saw the sweet child's eyes
                                                                      . . .

    The next day all people from the village gathered together to celebrate this extraordinary event and to show their gratitude to the little savior of Avalonia. If only Korrina knew what great mission the ancient prophet Kenji had assigned to her. Before retire in seclusion, Kenji advised everybody to start with the preparation from the very beginning for the great fight. Korrina has  to learn battle arts and master the fight with sword. If people on Avalonia want to live long years, Korrina should become excellent warrior, simply one of a kind-faster than the light, invisible like a shadow and quick-witted like a ninja.
                                                                                . . .

    The girl grew up fast. She was 18 now. During these years, the girl had no time for child's play. They started preparing her when she turned 5. A year before, Korrina learned the art of concentration. An year later the real fighting lessons began. They were held from Kenji's students-also very good warriors. Throughout these 13 years Korrina turned into a killing machine. Her mother was always worried about her but the new-born warrior girl proved her there is no place for fear. The fragile girl became faster than the light, invisible like a shadow and quick-witted like a ninja. She was even stronger than most of the men in Avalonia. Her brightness, intuition and conscious reached completely new levels no one before her have reached. She is extraordinary in every aspect. Soon Korrina will have to show her greatness in action.

                                                                                   . . .

3001 is the year of the prophecy. The planet is waiting for the epic event. Soon the surroundings of the little village will turn into an bloody arena . 120 000 light years were separating Korrina and the vicious obi-man Onno. It seemed that it was non-reachable  distance  but Onno has a light speed spacecraft that takes him everywhere he wants.
 Kenji, who can read minds through telepathy, already knew Onno was very near Avalonia.
 Korrina was sent out of the village. Today she was fearless and more ready than ever for the great fight. The spacecraft perched on the dry soil. The vicious obi-man stepped out and saw the sharp gaze of th warrior girl.
 Without warning, she pulled out her sword and ran toward Onno
-Oh, no,little witch!-said Onno and the strength of his wand pushed her aside.
 Korrina was hurt. Onno went near her.
-I didn't expect this fight to be so easy- laught the vicious man and saw the fearful expression on the faces of the gathered villagers who came to see the fight.
-You have sent  this Miss Nobody to save your  pathetic planet? You're such fools!
-I am the master of this world now!
That very second Korrina got up on her feet silently . She was behind the obi-man and with only one stroke decapitated Onno. Then, because of the reaction with the wand, Korrina felt off the ground unconscious. People started  exulting and clapping. Korrina's mother knelt near her daughter and tried to wake her up. The warrior girl was O.K.
-Do you know what happened, my dear?-asked the mother.
-No....what?-replied dizzily the girl.
-You save the whole mankind from the vicious obi-man.-said the mother and hugged Korrina.

Korrina's heroic act and sacrifice will be written in the golden pages of the history of Avalonia.

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