1. we fight

I was a little drunk...oki I was a lotta drunk. And I was walking. Alone. At night. Down an empty street. But I had a reason. And a destination. My destination? The Magnum Stadium where my cousin/best friend works. My reason? Well for that we have to go back 4 years from this exact date.

It was September 19, 2010. I was a freshman in high school, and so was Jason Morris who, at the time, I thought was the love of my life. And I thought that for 4 years. Throughout our relationship we talked a lot about what we were gonna do after high school. We decided to both go to the state university and we'd live in an apartment together.

Jason also said that on graduation night he was gonna take me out to dinner and propose. And being a girl, I was looking forward to that.

4 years had passed and Jason and I were sitting at some fancy French restaurant. We had just graduated high school and had been tossed into the world. So, as you would suspect, he proposed. I obviously said yes. So here we are. Laughing, having a grand ol time, until....

"What in the hell!!" Some random girl screamed and came running over to Jason and me.

"Umm can we help you?" I asked, a little irritated by her outburst. She saw the ring on my hand and her face turned bright red. She looked back at Jason and started screaming again.

"Jason did you fucking propose to this girl?!?!?" She yelled in his face.

I looked at him confused, and he looked, not confused like me, but shocked, and a little nervous. "Jason? Do you know this girl?" I asked. She was the one who answered.

"I'm his fucking fiancée!" She shouted, showing me the ring on her hand. "Or I used to be!" She took the ring off at threw it at him and left.

By now the whole restaurant was staring, of course. "Jason," I said slowly, standing up. I seriously had no idea how I felt right then. I was pissed as hell, but I also wanted to just curl up in a ball and hide.

"Karma," he started, but I put my hand up and cut him off.

I just shook my head and walked out. But on my way out, I stole a fancy ass bottle of vodka from the restaurant.

So that's how I ended up here. Also, I should tell you, my name is Karma parents were hippies.

I got to the back door of the stadium completely unharmed. Well physically. Emotionally I was janked up. Some homeless guy pulled his pants down and tried to hug me.

I come here all the time to visit Collin, my cousin. He's worked here for about 8 years. He's really a cool and chill kinda guy, except when he's working under pressure. Collins job is to make sure everything goes according to plan and nothing gets messed up during (insert band/performers name here) concert.

I had on a tight, strapless navy blue dress that came to my mid thigh, black heels, and my auburn was down and curled. I had the bottle of vodka in my hand when I violently knocked on the door. To be honest, it hurt like a bitch. It was a steel door and I was beating the shit out of it.

Suddenly, Jonas, one of the stadiums security guards who we all just called big man cause he looked like he just won the WWE world champion belt, opened the door. He looked me up and down and shook his head. "Karma, Karma, Karma," he said disappointed.

"Shut it, Big Man. Where's Collin?" I asked, slipping around him to get inside. The Big Man and i are pretty much best buds. I tell him everything, and he tells me everything. He's like 15 years older than me though so don't freak. He's also married and has the 2 most adorable little girls, but let's not get off track.

"He's helping the band finish prepping. Now why are you drunk? Shouldn't you be on your date with Jason?" He asked. Here we go. So I explained to him what had happened, and his face turned red. "I'm gonna kill the son of a bitch!" He growled.

I linked my arm through his and started walking with him backstage to wherever Collin was. "No need. I plan on doing it myself," I said, taking a swing from the vodka. Big Man took the bottle from me and threw it in the nearest trash can. "Hey!" I whined. "Major party foul!"

"It was for your own good." We reached one of the cream colored doors and stopped. "He's in here, but remember, the band is in there with him."

"Yeah yeah," I said rolling my eyes. I pushed open the door, and the first thing I noticed was Collin with his cute little headset and a clipboard in his hand. He had stopped talking and looked over at me with wide eyes. The next thing I noticed was 5 hot guys sitting on the red couch. God I haven't been able to even think about another guy being hot in 4 years this feels so good.

"Karma?" Collin said from across the room. This is a tiny ass room, you should know. Probably about the size of your average bedroom, maybe a bit smaller.

"Ay, Cuz," I slurred. Ew I sound gross.

Collin walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders. "Aren't you supposed to be on a date? Why are you here? And why are you drunk?"

I squeezed my eyes shut. "Too many questions. I was out with Jason and he took me to that fancy French place for our 4 year anniversary and, as you know, we graduated yesterday. So he proposed."

Collin smiled. "Really?! That's great!"

I put my index finger up. "Not quite. You see, after he proposed, his OTHER girlfriend who he had proposed to LAST NIGHT came in and started yelling at him."

"Damn," was all he said.

"And look!" I held up my left hand. "I had only been wearing the ring for like 20 minutes and it turned my finger green! IT WAS A FREAKING CHEAP ASS WALMART RING COLLIN!!"

Then he slapped me. And I don't new a light tap on the cheek. He really whacked me good. Like my head snapped to the side and my cheek stung. I rose my hand to my cheek and squeaked. "Pull yourself together woman!!" Collin yelled at me. He looked over at afore mentioned hot guys on the couch and asked, "I know this is kinda out of the ordinary to ask but would you guys mind keeping an eye on her? There's some issues with the lights that I really need to take care of but I don't wanna leave her."

The one with the really curly hair smiled and said, "Sure Collin it's not problem." Oh shit. He's British.

Wait. These guys look really familiar. And foreign. Oh shit. "Oh shit," I said casually, looking at them with my eyebrows raised. "You're One Direction." They all just kinda nodded. "Didn't even notice," I muttered and walked over to an empty seat next to Niall who was the blonde Irish one.

You see, I know who one direction is, and I know who each if the boys are, and I like their songs, but I'm not one of those freak out kinda fans. I'm just....chill....ya know?

Collin ran out of the room to take care of the lights, leaving me alone with the boys. And remember, I'm still pretty much wasted. The awkward silence was getting to me, so I said the first thing I thought of.

"The fact that people think in different accents really gets to me." They laughed. I totally just broke the ice.

"You're funny. I like you," Louis said, grinning.

I nodded. "Good cause I really wanted your approval." I didn't even say it sarcastically. I was being legit.

I was still sitting next to Niall so I put my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes, and groaned. "I give up on boys."

Niall wrapped his arms and his legs around me. "No don't do that. Boys like you, so you should like boys," he said.

And then came Louis. He did pretty much the same thing, only on my other side. "All males would die if you gave up on us!" He started to fake cry and I rolled my eyes. I was being cuddled by 2 hot guys. Harry and Zayn were laughing and Liam was just smiling and shaking his head.

"Nope. I've decided to become a lesbian," stated proudly.

Louis stopped fake crying and looked at me. "I honestly don't know how I feel about that."

"I-" I started saying but was cut off by Big Man coming in the room.

"Karma," he said, and he sounded a little worried.

"What is it?" I asked, a little scared.

He sighed. "Jason is here. He wants to talk to you."

I could feel my face start to heat up. "No! Tell him to get the hell out!" I shouted.

"Can we please talk?" Jason appeared to the side of big man.

"No!" I yelled and hid my face in Niall's shoulder.

"Is this your new boyfriend?" He asked. I looked back over at him and he looked really pissed. I was about to respond when he laughed darkly. "You're such a dumb whore."

"Whoa!" Harry said, standing up. "I think you need to leave."

I got up and walked over to Jason and I poked him really hard in the cheat. "Get the fuck out of here."

Before I knew what was happening, Jason kissed me. It wasn't good though. It was disgusting. He was disgusting. I tried pushing him off but he held onto my face. I kept hitting his chest and finally he let go.

That's when I realized he didn't let go, Niall had just hit him. "Son of a bitch!" Jason yelled then swung and hit Niall in the cheek. I gasped and put my hands over my mouth.

"Shit!" I yelled and ran up to Niall. "Are you oki?"

Niall looked and me and gave me a half smile and nodded. Thank god. A fight was about to break out when big man literally picked Jason up and walked out with Jason over his shoulder. I could Jason shouting as big man threw him out.

"Omigod," I said, running my fingers through my hair.

Liam came over and pulled me into a hug. "It's oki, karma." He said softly, rocking me back and forth. That's when I realized I was crying.

What the hell happened to me?

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