What I Didn't Say

Charlotte Belle Tate seemed to have it all. Money, beauty, grace and talent. Not to mention that her hunky high school sweetheart would be popping the magic question sometime soon. Sure her life seems as if it is one to be desired, but what happens when the foundations begins to crumble right below her. Who will be there to pick up the pieces?


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8 

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Charlotte flipped onto her stomach, holding her pillow over her head. She groaned, the incessant buzzing of her Blackberry waking her from her slumber. She lay there for a minute, appreciating the little peace when the buzzing stopped…momentarily.


She turned back around to lie on her back and unplugged her Blackberry. She began to scroll through her notifications…and she had a lot more than usual.


Most of them were from Twitter, beginning after Eleanor tweeted:

Just got to catch up with my bestest xx @CharlotteBelle


Thousands of fans responded immediately, tweeting her compliments and insults. She propped herself up on her elbow, wiping the sleep from her eyes. She couldn’t even begin to think about what the fan girls thought of her then.  

She looked through her texts and noticed 3 in particular: one from Eleanor, Louis, and to her surprise, Jackson.


Eleanor: R we meeting for brekfast xx


Charlotte: Meet at my place instead? I’ll text u the address…


Eleanor responded within the minute agreeing to meet for brunch at Charlotte’s penthouse.


Louis: I hope you don’t mind, but the boys will kick my arse if I don’t bring them along xx


Charlotte: The more the merrier!


Louis: They’re hungover so they shud be good xx


Charlotte: No problem! B here at 11


Louis thanked her, and Charlotte subconsciously clicked her messages with Jackson. Four words that killed her.


Jackson: I love you dollface…


She grimaced and scrolled to her messages with one of her best friends, Emily.


Charlotte: Going to need some reinforcements this morning


Emily: What time should I come?


Charlotte: 11am


Emily: B there @ 11:30


Charlotte scoffed and tossed her phone back onto the bedside table. She headed straight for the penthouse phone. Originally, she and Eleanor had planned to meet for brunch at L’Apicio, but after last night, it seemed more fitting to have an intimate brunch to share her news. To prepare, Charlotte had a lot to do and very little time to do it. Not a single thing was set in place…and Charlotte was the kind of girl that needed everything to be planned.


She called the front desk and requested they send up the maid services, a butler, & their best chef on staff that morning. She began to race around the room, gathering the proper supplies. All the while, the words I love you dollface rang fresh in her ear.


When at last the silverware was in place, the china on the table, and the candles lit, Charlotte was satisfied. At least with the dining room. She moved to the TV room, working with the maids to straighten pillows on the white leather couch, dust the glass, and wipe down the chrome-edged furniture. The butler turned on some gentle music that was the perfect balance of lively and calm. Charlotte glanced at the clock and panicked. She tipped the maids and instructed the chef, before hurrying to her room to touch up.


She made her way upstairs to her bedroom, mentally dissecting her closet for something to wear. As usual, she couldn’t think of anything suitable. But lucky for her – as things often were – upon her freshly made bed was a Barney’s New York box. Tucked into the ribbon was a delicate notecard, but she didn’t need the card to know whom the gift was from.


She untied the ribbon and opened the box to find a brand new pair of Plein Sud leather pants. Reluctantly, she slipped into the leather pants and decided to match them with an Alexander Wang viscose shirt and Chloé blazer. She stepped into her Moschino loafers and entered the bathroom.


Immediately Charlotte began to reach for her makeup bag. She coated on the foundation, routinely attempting to cover Jackson’s marks on her. She heard the bedroom door open and close swiftly. “Charlotte?” He called out, his voice echoing through the room. He pulled a single earbud from his ear. The music was so loud it could be heard blasting from the tiny speaker. Charlotte recognized the song. It was her favorite…MGMT’s Time to Pretend.


“In here,” she poked her head out of the door and proceeded to continue to working to conceal the bruises.


As she returned to the mirror, Jackson followed her into the bathroom. He paused at the door, realizing what she was doing. He walked guiltily towards her, kissed her cheek and began to take off his shirt for his shower. Charlotte instinctively moved around him to turn the showerhead on so that when he was ready the water would be warm.


When she looked back at him, he was stopped in his boxers admiring her. She always took such good care of him, why couldn’t he do the same? She checked her reflection one last time, ran her fingers through her hair, and closed the door behind her. Outside the door, she paused for a minute with her back against the wall. She took a deep breath, rolled her shoulders back, and walked out of their bedroom.

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