What I Didn't Say

Charlotte Belle Tate seemed to have it all. Money, beauty, grace and talent. Not to mention that her hunky high school sweetheart would be popping the magic question sometime soon. Sure her life seems as if it is one to be desired, but what happens when the foundations begins to crumble right below her. Who will be there to pick up the pieces?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13


It had been one week. One heartbreaking, dreadful week for Charlotte since she had broken off the engagement. Everyday proved itself another challenge as she tactfully managed to avoid Jackson in their classes and around on campus.


Luckily for her, Emily handled the ring predicament by personally returning it to Jackson a few days ago. Charlotte had wondered how it went, but she decided it wouldn’t do her any good to know.


Her friends at Columbia had efficiently evaded discussing Jackson and took turns escorting her around. If or when they saw Jackson, they darted the other way, distracting Charlotte with lighthearted, vain topics.


In the grand scheme of things it was fair to say that Charlotte was fairly unscathed from the previous week’s break-up. Yet here she was, in line at Café Grumpy, listening to her friends ramble about their petty lives and trivial problems, feeling extremely disgruntled.


Charlotte hastily tipped the gray-eyed barista with a twenty-dollar bill. He slid a fresh cup of coffee across the counter and pointed to a bar with sugar, napkins, and stuff of that nature.


She poured a dash of soy and dropped two sugar cubes into her coffee. Charlotte placed a wooden stirrer into her coffee and mixed it. The soy mixed in, and the coffee turned a light brown with some dark coffee grounds rising to the surface.


Charlotte interjected. “Isn’t part of the whole break-up process that you get free rein to whine you your friends?”


“Absolutely,” Dakota confirmed, following Charlotte to their usual table in the corner of the coffeehouse. She pulled up a chair and seated herself beside her slender friend. She placed her lemongrass tea and a croissant down in front of her and raised her cup to sip.


Charlotte instinctively pushed it back down, shaking her head at Dakota’s predictability. Every morning she didn’t wait for the tea to cool long enough and burned her tongue. You’d think she would’ve learned her lesson by now, but she was just innately impatient. Some things never change.


“We were just hoping you might decide to whine to a shrink,” Ivy, one of Charlotte’s long-time best friends, admitted candidly, not bothering to glance up from her latest edition of Vogue Paris. Lexi, a doe-eyed blonde, pulled up a chair beside Ivy with her vanilla latte.


“Why would I bother paying someone when we talk for free and get coffee afterwards?” Charlotte argued. Lexi and Dakota only shrugged, often reluctant to speak with Ivy around. Charlotte sipped her coffee, scrolling through her texts (all from Jackson) curiously before she continued. “I don’t need profession help when I’ve got you guys.”


“For another ten minutes. Afterwards, we’re cutting you off,” Ivy announced, flipping the last page of her magazine closed.


“Cold turkey,” Dakota chimed in.


Lexi clumsily tore a bag of sugar for her latté, and the sugar oozed out, the grains dropping onto the wooden table and others scattering about her lap. Ivy rolled her eyes, whipping out her iPhone 6. Lexi brushed the grains from the table and her lap onto the floor.


“I don’t need therapy, I just need new friends.” Charlotte cracked a smile.


“We’re just as screwed up as you are,” Dakota confessed, dipping the tea bag in and out of the cup.


“It’s like the world’s fattest man giving dieting tips,” Ivy sighed, giggling.


“A walking oxymoron.” Dakota shook her head and smiled.  


Lexi glanced at her Chanel watch. “It’s 12:45.”


“It’s 10:00,” Ivy scoffed.  


“I better get going.” Charlotte gathered her things, pulled on her coat, and adjusted her beanie. “So…lunch?”


“We can go to Per Se?” Ivy suggested, speedily fiddling on her phone.


“I’m was thinking more along the lines of Jean Georges?” Charlotte pulled out her headphones and connected them to her blackberry.


”For two?” Ivy asked.


“Make it three. I think Eleanor is going to come with.” Charlotte pushed one headphone into her ear.


“9:05.” Dakota interrupted, blowing cool air on her tea.


“You’re the best Dax,” Charlotte thanked her and hurried closer to the door.


“Reservation’s at 1 o’clock,” Ivy slid the phone into her Prada handbag. And with that, Charlotte was off.



Authors Note:

Hi Everyone! I forgot to mention this earlier on, but here is how I'm visualizing the characters. If you don't care/prefer not to see visuals of what I think, feel free to skip this:

Charlotte Tate - Nina Dobrev

Jackson Langley - Nico Tortorella

Emily Boleyn - Megan Kennedy

Dakota Cho - Amanda Yu

Lexi Thorton - Nicola Peltz

Ivy Beckendorf - Jessica Lowndes



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