My New Life

My life stinks that's all that I thought till I was found bye 5 teen boys and my life changed for the better and the worse


2. when I found him

Liam's P.V.O

It was cold and a slight chill was in the air I was driving home to my flat when I see a girl fall in front of my car. " Niall keep the food from sliding and hold on," I yell to Niall as he braces for impact. Screech!!!!!! I hear the tires skid as a slam my foot down on the brakes and I jump out of the car and grab the young girl she looked about my age, NO Liam stop she is hurt I have to take to the doctors. I get back in the car, "Niall phone the boys and tell them to meet us at the hospital.

Kiki's P.V.O

I wake to a different srounding all I remember is that I wanted to die but it did not work, I sigh and sit up as pain hits me in the gut I flop back down on to the bed in pain thinking about the punishment I will get for being out so late. I shudder at the thought just as 5 boys walk in. " hi… who are you," I ask. " Hi I am Liam this is Niall Zayn Louis and hey where is Harry guys," Liam asked. I get up and look out the door," here he comes I think," I said not knowing of that boy was Harry or some random guy......... "Wait is his name Harry styles???" I ask."yeah why," Liam asked me. "COUSIN!!!!!!!" I yell running down the hall.

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