My New Life

My life stinks that's all that I thought till I was found bye 5 teen boys and my life changed for the better and the worse


1. my life

Kikis p.v.o

The sun pecked its way throughout the blinds and I heard my dad yell my name and tell me to get my ass down stairs. A tear rolls down my face as I get dressed and head down stairs. "Did you go out last night???" He asks nicely as my mom says good bye. "We'll tell me now or else" he said showing his true nature. "Yes…" I said in a small voice. SLAP THUNK!!! I fell to the floor with tears streaming out of my eyes, " You are grounded for the rest of the week." "Hey, I yell that's not fair the only reason I went out was because me and Jess had to get a school project done but you would not let me out," I yell at him. He comes pounding down the stairs and kicks me in the face causing blood to fall from my nose. I whale in pain as he kicks me in the gut over and over again till I can't move and I can't talk all I can do is sit there.

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