Back In Time

Have you ever imagined taking one day back in your life and reliving it? maybe a whole week or two perhaps?
When Jamie isn't feeling herself anymore and realized life isn't what it used to be she wishes,and visits her past. What happens is only a secret for now


1. The Wish That Started It All

Have you ever found yourself wondering about how different and possibly better things used to be? Well Jamie does. Jamie is now a freshman, and all she had ever wanted was to go back to relive the last greatest moments she had with her friends before they all graduated. But when Jamie wishes she could relive two weeks when everything felt just about right what happens? Find out more now.

Jamie's P.O.V

It's already been three weeks since I've started highschool, and it feels  weird, much different from middle school. I'm not used to this still, I certainly don't like it one bit. These past few weeks have been a bit of a dramatic situation for me as you could say, all I ever wanted was to go back. Go back to where I felt as if everything in that time was perfect, but I know I can't go back. Time goes on, there's nothing from stopping it. It was the time when friends were still friends, when they didn't cut each other off just because they lived to far away or just didn't care anymore. A time where people just said "fuck it" and did what they wanted to anyway, because they knew it was going to end sometime soon. They all knew. It was just to hard to let go, and it still is for some of us including me. 

*Ring Ring* 

That's the bell for dismissal. Everyone started to rush out of the doors and into the halls fast trying to get home. I guess you could say I'm used to this now, but I still wish it'd be different. I got out of the doors as quickly as I could before the other kids came, seeing as how they tend to walk a little slower. The only good part about being in this highschool was the fact that I lived right around the corner from it so I could walk home. I pulled out my phone from my pocket turning it on as well as grabbing my house keys walking up to the front door of the house. When I walked in there was no one home. I bet my parents are working as usual, I walked up the steps into my room to start on homework about stuff we had already learned but its not a bad thing. At least I'll be good with this stuff in school. It took about one hour until I finished all of my homework, I now couldn't take it with what had been bothering me ever since I started highschool, even just after the graduation. All summer as well as the beginning of the school year, my mind had been going crazy with one thing. The last week or two of school before everything happened. How I got to see my friends everyday, which now I can't see most of them due to distance. How I actually thought I fell in love with someone, and how good the last few weeks were because no drama happened. It seemed to good to be true because it was in the end. If I could go back into the past I would because of how much I miss them, I miss everyone and everything we had back then. There's not one moment back then that I regret and I never will. There's good stuff in highschool too, my new friends, my teachers are really nice, but that's all that's good about it. I noticed it began to become more dark. I checked the time, its six forty six. Already starting to get more cold like winter. I felt myself beginning to feel tired, time to eat then sleep. Seeing as I would be doing that the rest of the weekend besides hanging out with old friends. Thank god its Friday, I tend to look forward to weekends now unlike last year. I got a bowl of ice cream. Yep sounds just about right for me, I quickly ate it. Afterwards I took a nice long shower, then slipping on my PJs. Its only eight thirty now but I still feel tired and my parents should be getting home within an hour. I was just about to go bed until I saw the only thing that gave me hope. A shooting star. I've always wished on them yet they never seem to come true. I shut my eyes before repeating the last thing in my head was "I wish I could go back to the day of the Poconos trip, where it all began." That's the last thing I remember until everything turned black.


"I can't wait to get to the Poconos. How about you? Wow I've waited all year long for this." Annabel said. I gasped, maybe this wish really did work. "You okay?" She asked, "Yeah just a little something." I can't believe this is happening. I remember this as if it was yesterday. The only real question was is if I could change the events that I know are going to happen.


Hey everyone just a heads up that the events that take place in this story is partially true (Besides the time travel) Haha. Well anyways I hope you enjoy this story, bye *bro fist*  Oh also this story is on wattpad by my other account tomlinsongirl564.


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