My happy little phan

dan and phil. what a love story. this is how it goes. do you believe in phan??
this is going to be a phan oneshot to the song happy little pill by Troye sivan from his EP TRXYE. enjoy and stay sweet ;3


6. My happy little phan

authors notes:

Heya I'm back! you guys should really remind me to update! anyways comment down below if you want me to continue this fanfic and lets get this fanfic to about 440 reads for the next update?? anyways hope you guys enjoy

Previously on "My happy little phan":

All of a sudden I hear the keys in the door. "Phil I'm so sor-" Phil cuts me off mid sentence as his lips come crashing to mine. My eyes widen in shock! " I love you Dan"."



Dans POV:

All the anger that was swirling through my mind had disappeared. My thoughts all of a sudden became blurred into a fog while this moment happened. "I love you Dan" Phil says pulling away. Leaving me there helpless. love drunk and yearning for his touch. His blueish-green eyes gazing into my soul lovingly. "I-i- i love you too Phil" I say looking to the floor in shame. "y-you - you do?" Phil stutters, as if words are the hardest thing to achieve in this moment. I look up at him to see the wildest smile I've ever witnessed. Even the cheshire cats smile could not compare to the smile on Phil's face. "I-i i just couldn't hold it back anymore, its been since that thing that happened in vegas. I mean i know they saw what happens in vegas stays in vegas bu-" I cut Phil off mid sentence and wrap my arms around him. "I guess i have more control than you" I tease. He tenses at first but them hugs me back. Whats going to happen??


Phils POV:

He responded to the kiss! He's hugging me and teasing me. What does all of this mean?! Are my dreams going to come true? Is all of his wrong?! I have no control over all the thoughts blaring though my mind and i hold him in my arms. What is everyone going to think of all this? The fans? The subscribers? ahhhh! I just inhale his scent until he pulls away to reconnect his lips to mine. " Phil this is what it always should've been like" Dan says resting his head into the crook of my neck. " You don't know how long I've been waiting Dan, You have no idea" I say. This is just the beginning and life is great. 


There you have it my little phan cats! it finally happened! Do you want more updates or a sequel showing Phans adventures after coming out???? comment down below and tell me asap so i know what I need to work on! If you guys want i can just write a part 2 so the fanfic is in two parts and ill probably just skip a few months. THE FATE OF THIS FANFIC LAYS IN YOUR HANDS MY DEARS! decide soon and Love you ! Xx

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