My happy little phan

dan and phil. what a love story. this is how it goes. do you believe in phan??
this is going to be a phan oneshot to the song happy little pill by Troye sivan from his EP TRXYE. enjoy and stay sweet ;3


5. My happy little phan

This chapter is dedicated to @I<3Skandar and shoutout to you alos got check out her "Adventures in Narnia" Fanfic it rocks!

Previously on "My happy little phan":

Phils POV

"I actually did write that valentines day note to dan joe...." I say starring at the floor.... I think I love him...... Joe looks at me puzzled. Then he realises what I'm talking about. "you did I thought that was just something that your fandom made up" Joe says to me trying to provide some kind of comfort. "I did it but was such a coward that I deleted it, and now the books coming out and I just feel like I can't keep my feelings bottled up inside any longer but at the same time I can't tell him" I say sobbing into Joes shoulder. "mate do what you think is right I've never had to be in this situation so..... " " now Joe its okay i know what i have to do ill see you later tell everyone i said good bye I just need some time alone to think" i say cutting Joe off and getting up. "okay mare call me if you need anything" i hear Joe say before i walk out. 

end of phils POV

Joes POV (again xD)

so after Phil leaves I decided I had to go to the bathroom only to realise that There was no loo roll and i was home alone...... I have a feeling ill have to ring that bell that says "loo roll" until my arm falls off before Casper, Zoe and alfie come back..... talk about a cruddy situation.


Phils POV:

After leaving Joe's all I could think about was Dan. Dan.... Dan..... I take a turn without realising and end up at the beach. Maybe this is a good thing, I can clear my head. I park the car and walk towards the sandy shore taking my shoes off in the process. I stare at the horizon and I feel the soothing water washing over my feet. I see a rock that I can sit on and keep my feet in the water. I sit down and just let my thoughts consume me. Dan and the confession video. The fans are gonna find out what happened in vegas when the book comes out anyways so I may as well come out. I dont know what to do! "Follow your heart" I hear a voice in my head say as a tear rolls down my cheek. I silently cry to myself thinking about what is about the become of everything and everyone around me. 


Dans POV:

Tyler and I are siting hugging a pillow each on the couch whilst watching 'the conjuring'. This sh*t is SCARY! I scream as they are performing the exorcism. "F@*K!!!! SH*T!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH" Tyler screams grabbing onto me, "THAT DEMON B***H IS GONNA GIVE ME NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!" He yells clinging onto me. 


After the movie ends>>>>>>>>


"Well ill be going Joe's probably lonely" Tyler says hugging me. " yeah.. thanks for the scare fest.... and the accidental traumatising p*rn" I say hugging him back. "KK bye" Tyler says closing the door behind him. I look at the clock, Hmmmm 6pm and phil isn't back. I grab my phone out and text him " Hey phil, Dan here just wanted to see if your okay and what time your coming home, ill pick up dinner if you want or ill cook I dont mind." I close my phone and put it on the counter. Maybe just a couple of pizzas will be okay? I go to the fridge and look at all the take out numbers and flyers we have trying to find the pizzeria that Phil likes. Maybe this will make up for my stupid behaviour earlier?


Joes POV:

So I've been stuck in the toilet for over 2 hours..... my bum is tired from sitting for this long and ive given up on screaming for toilet paper. I think all hope is lost when I hear keys jingling. "Joe?" I hear him say in curiosity. I Start ringing the loo roll bell again. "IM IN HERE TYLER I RAN OUT OF LOO ROLL JUST AFTER PHIL LEFT!!" I scream and hear Tylers signature laugh echoing though the halls. Then I see it. "TOLIET PAPER" I scream as Tyler sticks his hand in the door holding the role. "THANK YOU OWWW HOW IVE MISSED YOU!" I say grabbing the paper. I hear Tylers laugh fade into the corridor that leads to the kitchen. fewwwww finally!


Phils POV:

I check my phone and I have a text from Dan. I decide not to answer it and I see the time, 8pm and Dan texted me at 6pm. He's probably worried out of his mind! I quickly put my shoes on and run to the car. I guess its like they say, the beach does help you think clearly in a time of need. Great I'm half an hour away from home and theres probably the usual London evening traffic. That is when I made up my mind. This has to happen. I can't keep this inside of my any longer!


Dans POV: 

Its 9pm and Phil hasn't answered my text or come home. The pizzas came about an 2 hours ago and are now probably cold, sitting on the dinning table. Im pacing back and forth near the front door anticipating the moment Phil will walk in so I can apologise. I sit and pace a little more and each minuet that passes adds another minuets I'm worrying about him. All of a sudden I hear the keys in the door. "Phil I'm so sor-" Phil cuts me off mid sentence as his lips come crashing to mine. My eyes widen in shock! " I love you Dan"


Next time on "My happy little phil":

How will Dan react?  Did Phil just ruin everything?! What will become of Phan! tune in next time to find out!


OWWWWWW CLIFF HANGER! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA go ahead and hate me in the comments people! I has a blast writing this chapter! This fanfic/oneshot has come such a long way cause of you guys hope you liked it and see you in the sent chappie XX <3



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