My happy little phan

dan and phil. what a love story. this is how it goes. do you believe in phan??
this is going to be a phan oneshot to the song happy little pill by Troye sivan from his EP TRXYE. enjoy and stay sweet ;3


4. my happy little phan

last time on my happy little phan: 

After filming the video>>>>>

*runs out of room in terror after turning off video camera*

"I SHALL NEVER THINK OF A WHISK THE SAME WAY! AHHH POOR PIKACHU!" I scream running into the lounge room and jumping onto the couch. "Thank the lord that phil want home while we were filming that! Tyler said laughing as he mined me on the couch. " lets just put on a movie and forget that that ever happened?" I ask still traumatised. "agreed" Is all Tyler managed to say in-between laughs. 


Joes POV:

So Dan and Tyler left leaving just me,casper and Phil, well that is until Zoe and Alfie get here with Nala. 

" Phil you seem a little down, whats the matter?" I ask while trying to ignore Caspers horrible impressions from south park. 

"Just thinking about a lot of sh*t Joe a lots happenigin my mind" He answers me as if Ive forced him to tell me something.

"Are you sure mate?" just as I ask The door bell rings signalling that Zoe, Alife and Nala have arrived. 

"Hold that thought dipsh*t well discuss this later" I say as I walk to the door to welcome in Zoe and Alfie with their mischievous little pug.


^after Zoe and Alife leave to take Nala for a walk with Casper>>>>>

I walk up to phil. "now mate spill" Is all I say before be bursts out in tears. 

end of Joes POV


Phils POV

"I actually did write that valentines day note to dan joe...." I say starring at the floor.... I think I love him...... Joe looks at me puzzled. Then he realises what I'm talking about. "you did I thought that was just something that your fandom made up" Joe says to me trying to provide some kind of comfort. "I did it but was such a coward that I deleted it, and now the books coming out and I just feel like I can't keep my feelings bottled up inside any longer but at the same time I can't tell him" I say sobbing into Joes shoulder. "mate do what you think is right I've never had to be in this situation so..... " " now Joe its okay i know what i have to do ill see you later tell everyone i said good bye I just need some time alone to think" i say cutting Joe off and getting up. "okay mare call me if you need anything" i hear Joe say before i walk out. 

end of phils POV

Joes POV (again xD)

so after Phil leaves I decided I had to go to the bathroom only to realise that There was no loo roll and i was home alone...... I have a feeling ill have to ring that bell that says "loo roll" until my arm falls off before Casper, Zoe and alfie come back..... talk about a cruddy situation.

end of Joes POV 2

Next time on my happy little phan:

Phil goes to the beach to clear his head, dan and tyler watch the conjuring! will phil come clean about his feelings and will Joes crys for toilet paper be answered?? xD

so there was your little snippet of drama my fellow fandom people. There will definetly be more drama in the next chappie i just felt like i needed to update for you guys cause i do take ages and i apologise. I just had to add Joes with the bell in because its one of my fav Joe moments with olli around xD see you in the next update Xx

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