My happy little phan

dan and phil. what a love story. this is how it goes. do you believe in phan??
this is going to be a phan oneshot to the song happy little pill by Troye sivan from his EP TRXYE. enjoy and stay sweet ;3


2. My happy little phan continuation plus quick note from author

Quick notes from Fandom_girl❤️:

okay so guys I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to @coffeefandoms she was the first to comment on my first one shot ever so thanks fellow phan shipper! 

apart from that I just wanted to say sorry for not being online in a while and for not updating the one shot in a while.. a lot has been going on and I had writers block for a while ^_^  plus I'm sure you heard of everything that went down in the 1D fandom and that was a very emotional time for me and my two closest friends even though we're not zayn girls and boy.. enough blabbing thanks for your support and lets get onto the next part of the chappie shall we? xD

this chapter is dedicated to all of you <3

last time on my happy little phan: 

MY HAPPY LITTLE PHIL WAKE UP!!!!! Phil grunts as Dan accidentally jumps on his leg. GRRR "my happy little dan leave me the f@*# alone! I wanna sleep!"

and thats all you missed out on xD


continuation : 

(still Dans POV)

 "No Phil you have to get up we have a meeting about the Dan and Phil book today and then we are meeting up with Tyler and Joe!" I yelled shaking him in the process. "5 more minuets you sh*t head, I need a break after Five nights at freddys!" Phil yelled at me burying himself under the covers. "You didnt have to play fricken outlast all on your own in the bloody dark did you! hmmmm!" Now I was getting really cross. Of all days when we had to go and have a very important meeting that impacts all of our subscribers and phangirls (see what I did there xD) he has to be a mega d*ck head!. "Thats it" I said ripping the cover off of him only to make him fall on the floor cause he had practically made a cocoon out of the blankets and sheets around him! "YOU ASS!" Phil yelled at me starting to chase me out of the room and into the main area of our flat. 

End of Dans POV


Phil's POV

F**k everyone the one day were I thought I could sleep in I have a bloody meeting! But I guess it is for the book so its worth it.... If only Dan had left me alone to wake up on my own timing now here I am pissed off and chasing his around our flat like a 5 year old! this is totally not my day hopefully things will get better soon. I think seeing Joe and Tyler later on today will make me feel in a better mood instead of feeling like a 8 months pregnant woman! 


After the meeting>>>>>


So Dan and I still aren't talking to each other after his rude awakening. But I can never hold a grudge when I see his beautiful irises looking at me... Wait on the hell am I thinking! I can't be having these thoughts about Dan of all people Dan! I looked out of the taxi window and saw we were at Joes finally! I ran out to see Tyler running out. We hadn't seen each other in ages! "I see you survived the chicken nugget challenge yet another year" I say teasing him. " And I guess yur still too 'chicken' to do it" Tyler said cracking his signature Tyler Oakley laugh. " You arses get in before you all freeze and Joe eats all the food!" Casper yells. "YOUR BACK CASPER!" Dan screams running past me to hug him. We all go in and have lunch. 

End of Phil's POV

after going to Joes and hanging out with Joe,Casper and Tyler>>>>>

Dans POV ( again )

So phil was still mad at me and decided to stay at at Joe's a little longer while Tyler and I came back to Mine and Phil's flat to film a video. 

After filming the video>>>>>

*runs out of room in terror after turning off video camera*

"I SHALL NEVER THINK OF A WHISK THE SAME WAY! AHHH POOR PIKACHU!" I scream running into the lounge room and jumping onto the couch. "Thank the lord that phil want home while we were filming that! Tyler said laughing as he mined me on the couch. " lets just put on a movie and forget that that ever happened?" I ask still traumatised. "agreed" Is all Tyler managed to say in-between laughs. 


Next time on my happy little phan: 

"I actually did write that valentines day note to dan joe...." I say starring at the floor.... I think I love him...... Joe looks at me puzzled... 

see you on the next update

ahahahahaha cliff hanger! Im sorry but I had to do it because I'm panning something that personally I think is epic for the next chapter so yeah......... see you all in the next update and I DID try to make this as long as possible but still leaving the drama for the next update considering as I hadn't updated in ages ! <3 Love ya all Xx




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