You're Mine - Harry Styles Love Story



4. Three

Samantha's P.O.V.

I was lying down on my bed in only a sports bra and pajama pants. A bag of peas laid across the back of my neck and shoulder blades and Harry sat beside me massaging my lower back and easing the pain. After about ten minutes of begging Harry finally started talking about Louis.

"Just like you, your brother transferred to our school when he was going into junior year. At the time I wasn't at the school and neither was Niall but the punks were. Believe it or not the punks are actually the same age as Louis. However since they're complete dumb assess they've been held back three times keeping them in junior year classes. Everything was different before Louis went to that school. The jocks and cheerleaders weren't the ones who ran the school. So it didn't matter that Louis was the captain of the football team. It was the punks who were in charge. Everyone feared them and basically bowed down at their feet. Louis always rebelled against them and stood up for the nerds they would try to hurt. Since he was a grade A student and an angel in the classroom though, none of the teachers accused him of anything and the punks would continuously get in shit with the principal. At the end of the school year the punks had added up over 37 school days worth of suspensions all because of Louis and they were not able to graduate onto senior year. The following school year when Louis was a senior, everyone started sucking up to him instead of the punks. It frustrated the punks so much that they picked a fight with Louis in front of the whole student body. Louis single-handily kicked all of their assess and ever since then most of the students haven't been afraid to stick up for themselves. Except there are the rare few such as Liam who still gets caught alone at the wrong time. It's always been Niall or I that they come to when there's a problem. Niall's not a big fighter but he hates seeing innocent kids get bullied. There's a senior too: Zayn, he's also on the football team, who can help out whenever he can. I'm not the captain of the football team because I'm the best player. I'm the captain because I have so much power over the team and all the teachers and coaches know that. The team listens to what I say." He said finishing his story. I laid there amazed. I never pictured Louis as the hero type.

Harry watched me carefully as I took in this information. By the way his eyes flickered nervously; I could tell that there was something else that he wasn't telling me. I decided to let it go though. I could figure that out later.

"I don't get why they treat me different then. Why would they treat me like I'm famous too?"

Harry opened his mouth to answer but then shut it immediately as if he didn't know how to word it. His eyebrows furrowed together and he ran a hand through his hair making his bicep pop. Wow he's fit. I shook the thought away. He'd never date me and even if he was willing to, I doubt that I would accept knowing how much of a player he is. Boys like Harry will only break your heart. But he'd make a great friend... Ugh.

Harry spoke breaking me from my thoughts. "Louis' very, erm... Protective over people he cares about. All the boys at school know if they ever offended you or hurt you that Louis wouldn't think twice about kicking their ass. And the girls are probably being nice to you because they're sluts and want to get it in with him and they figure that you'll talk to Lou about them or something."

"That didn't seem to stop the punks. Who are they anyways? And Louis would never go for the sluts; he's got a girlfriend." I said laughing.

"Yeah, the punks are idiots as I said before though. No matter how many times they get knocked out, they'll still never back down from a fight or learn their lesson. They run a gang, the five of them. Max and Tom are in our first period class and the other three are Siva, Jay and Nathan." Harry explained, his hands still working miracles on my back.

We stayed in that position just chatting about school and our families. Turns out Harry's family is quite similar to mine. He lives just down the street from us in our wealthy community. It's not wealthy in the sense that we live in mansions, but it was the wealthier part of east Cheshire. Not as many druggies and gangs roamed the streets here.

I heard the front door open and Louis' voice call my name. I jumped off the bed and raced to my drawers and tugged a hoodie over myself. I didn't really feel like explaining to Louis why I was just chilling with one of his mates in a sports bra, even though we didn't do anything.

I sat next to Harry opening up my laptop and typing Facebook into the browser then flicked on the Tv to a random music channel. I pulled my iPhone out of the charger and sat myself a little farther from Harry.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you've done this before." Harry suggested winking in my direction. I let out a fake laugh then stopped abruptly giving him a serious face to show I was not amused by his sexual pun.

He let out a deep chuckle raising his hands in surrender causing me to giggle. What? He's cute.

Louis walked into the room and came straight over to me cupping my face and turning it from side to side as he examined it. I let out a groan and pushed his hands away. He's always been over dramatic.

"Did they hurt you? I swear to god I am going to kill them." Louis growled lying down on the bed between Harry and I shoving his face into my mattress.

"Lou, calm down. I'm fine." I pointed out patting his back. "You should've been there though! They took one hit at me and I had four of them knocked out before they could get a second. Thankfully Harry showed up though." I beamed remembering the adrenaline that had pumped through me.

I smiled warmly at Harry and he returned it.

"Well, that's good then. If there was any doubt about you being a Tomlinson before, there isn't now." Louis piped sitting up. He looked over at Harry and gave him a nod. "Thanks for looking out for her mate."

Harry gave a nod back, "anytime." He replied.

I smiled at that. It's nice knowing that there's someone who genuinely cares about you other than family.

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