You're Mine - Harry Styles Love Story



1. Prologue

"Mom! No! Stay with me! Mom please, I love you." I yelled clinging onto my mom for my life.

Louis stood behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders rubbing them comfortingly. I watched as my mother's eyelids fluttered shut and her heart monitor went flat. I tried to shake her awake but she stayed motionless.

"No! Mom! Don't leave me! I-I need you." I cried holding her lifeless body in my arms. Louis pulled me off of her and held me in his arms. A few tears escaped his own eyes but I could tell he was trying to stay strong for me. I had this awful feeling that if I let go of him, he would leave me too, so I clung onto him tightly.

My father was kneeling down on the other side of the bed with my mother's hand in his own. Muffled cries left his throat as he buried his face into the hospital bed.

I sat there in Louis' lap for what felt like hours before he lifted me up and carried me out of the room. After that I shut down. I spent every moment locked in my bedroom, hidden away from the world. I wouldn't eat and I barely slept. Sometimes I would find the strength to leave my bed and sit in the bathtub for hours until the water went cold but other than that I was a lifeless wreck.

After a week of that, Louis came to get me. He packed all of my stuff for me and took me to the house he lived in with my father on the other side of town. He slowly got me to open up to him and return to my normal, outgoing self.

A month later the funeral had arrived. It was a very private event. Only family and very close friends of my mother were invited. The entire day I spent crying. Everyone would approach me with the same line "I'm sorry for your loss" or "She's in a better place now." But I didn't want their pity or sympathetic smiles. I wanted my mother back.

It was my turn to now make a speech. I didn't bother writing one because I knew as soon as I started the words would just flow from my heart. Everyone's eyes followed me up to the podium encouraging me. I wiped away my tears and cleared my throat.

"Most people around town know who my mother is. They know her as a hard working lady who was successful with everything she attempted. But I knew her as more that that. She was my only parental figure growing up. She was my best friend. She had a busy schedule, but she always put family first. Whenever I needed her she was there for me and I know even though she isn't with us physically anymore, she will always have a piece of our hearts and help us get through our toughest times, including this one. It's a tragedy that she had to leave us at such a young age but I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason. I just wanted to thank all of you, especially my father and Lou for helping me get through this. Mom, you won't ever be forgotten." I said, my voice cracking at the end.

Louis ran up to me and led me down to my seat, holding me against him. When the service ended everyone left except for my father, Louis and I. We sat around mother's tombstone and talked to her as if she was there and was able to respond.

School was going to start in a couple months and I would no longer be attending my private school. Instead I would be going to the school that Louis graduated from two years ago. A public school where I didn't know anyone.

Everything seemed out of place right now. But I knew that as long as I had Louis, my dad and my mother watching down upon us, it would work itself out in the end.

~Told You Guys This Would Be A Good Book :P~

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