You're Mine - Harry Styles Love Story



2. One

I walked down the main hall of my new school in search of the office. Most of the students had yet to arrive or were idling in the school yard, but the few who lingered throughout the hallways would watch me and whisper amongst themselves in hushed voices as I passed by. I tried not to take notice but my mind seemed to cling to their comments of curiosity.

This small school located on the eastern, more run down side of Cheshire was what would be my place of education for the next two years until I graduated. This public school was much different than my old boarding school, but I couldn't help but be intrigued with the different looks my fellow students sported. At my private school we had a uniform and everyone was the same; spoiled, bratty and annoying. But here everyone seemed to fit into their own little clique. Everyone except for me of course.

I pushed through the double doors and into the main office. A frail lady with grey streaked through her brunette hair looked up at me, her face emotionless and dry. I walked up to the desk and smiled at her, which she unkindly didn't return.

"Hello, I'm here to pick up my schedule. My name's Samantha Tomlinson." I spoke softly. Her eyebrows raised and a soft smile was placed onto her lips. She filed through some papers until she came across what she was looking for and reached across the table to hand them to me.

"If you're anything like Louis, it'll be an honor to have you here." She said. I nodded at her remark and left the office. Louis with a good reputation? Didn't see that coming. He's always been the immature class clown type of person in my eyes.

I checked my phone for the time as I stepped back into the hallway. I had 10 minutes until class started and my homeroom was right next to my locker. Perfect.

More people now roamed the hall as I made my way to my second floor locker. They all eyed me as if I were an alien, some more obvious than others. I noticed my outfit probably made me look like one of those rich, innocent little school girls, which I was in a way. While it seemed every other girl was a walking trash bag. Their heels clicked and gum smacked obnoxiously while my flats made a soft thud with every step and my chai tea from Starbucks went down without a single noise.

I found my locker and opened it with ease, emptying all the contents of my bag into it except for the books I would need for my first class. I made it look as if I were doing something at my locker for a few minutes to pass the time before deciding to go to class.

I walked in to a half full class and took an empty seat next to the window. I set my stuff onto my desk and pulled out my phone to avoid looking at anyone. Two boys walked into the class joking around with each other. They both wore varsity jackets marked with a letter identifying them as the captains. One with quiffed blonde hair and the other with curly brown locks pushed out of his face. Both had stunning eyes and seemed to take notice of me staring when they looked in my direction. I blushed and looked back down at my phone as they made their way over from the other side of the class.

"Hello gorgeous, haven't seen you around here before. What's your name?" The curly one said flirtatiously. He winked which caused me to laugh lightly. He was gorgeous, don't get me wrong but he was an obvious player. It basically radiated from him.

"I'm Sam. New Here." I said bluntly trying not to sound too rude but at the same time not interested in them. They nodded as if approving what I had just said.

"Well Sam, I'm Harry and this is Niall." He introduced as the teacher walked in. I nodded and mumbled 'cool'.

I turned around in my seat as the teacher walked in and wrote his name onto the board in all capital letters. 'Mr. Torrez.' He gave a quick introduction of himself and then continued along with the rules of the classroom. It was halfway through the class before he noticed a small pink note on his desk.

"It appears we have a new student in our midst." He spoke scanning the room until his eyes fell on my face. "Miss Samantha would you please introduce yourself?"

I stood up from my desk and made my way towards the front of the classroom. I felt like I was in the spotlight as everyone focused their attention on me. It's not like I wasn't used to people looking at me though. At my old school popularity was based on the income of your family. As snobby as that is, it meant I was one if the most popular students.

I had no real friends at the school though and hated it. That's why when my mother passed away and I moved in with my brother Louis and my father, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a public school. I inherited all of my mother's fortune and my dad was given her company.

It may seem strange that my mother would leave anything in her will to her ex husband but they still loved each other. Don't ask me why they got a divorce though, because I don't understand either. Apparently it was for the safety of Louis and myself.

I took a nervous breath and fidgeted with my hands, picking at my nail polish. Curse me for being awkward.

"Hello. I'm Samantha Tomlinson." Something seemed to click in everyone's mind and they started whispering amongst each other once again. A frown formed on my face.

"As in Louis' sister?" A boy covered in tattoos and eye makeup asked smirking and nudging his friend who also had tattoos and piercings. They looked too old to be in this class and they gave me bad vibes.

I noticed Harry and Niall send them a glare and it was as if the four boys were killing each other with their eyes.

"Yes?" I said sounding more as a question than a fact. Did everyone here know Louis? I mean, he graduated two years ago. Why did they still take an interest in him? And why would it matter that I'm his sister?

"Your brother's fit." A blonde said smacking her gum. The girls surrounding her seemed to agree. I ignored their comments and continued.

"Um, well anyways I transferred here from an all girls private school after I moved to this side of town. And I prefer to be called Sam. Samantha sounds too formal and it annoys me." I said then walked back to my seat. Mr. Torrez thanked me and continued the lesson.

The entire class my desk was bombarded with notes from the sluts across the classroom asking me to hook them up with my brother. Too bad he's already taken. The tattooed boys with piercings-I'm just going to call them the punks- wouldn't stop staring at me and Harry and Niall talked about me as if I wasn't even in the room.

"Louis never said anything about having a sister."

"Yeah, what is he thinking letting her go to this school?"

"Max and Tom already seem to have taken an interest in her."

"This can't be good."

I turned around annoyed that they just continued to talk about me. I didn't understand what they were talking about but I'm guessing Max and Tom were the two punks Niall and Harry kept glaring at.

"I can hear everything you're saying, and I would appreciate it if you stopped." I snapped.

"Feisty. Just like Louis." Niall mumbled smirking.

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