The Tattoo Shop | Michael Clifford Fanfic



I wake up in a small bed. I couldn't stretch my feet out. Something was wrapped around me, a subsitute for a blanket. I look around my shoulder to find Michael's face right in front of mine. His face is soft and his piercings are off. I get out of the bed, which was blocked by a curtain. fuck. I was on a tour bus. I looked down at myself and all I had on was an oversized All Time Low cut off and boy shorts.

I hear the boys arguing. I follow the noise to the back of the bus.

"Hey Kitty." said Luke, focused on a FIFA game . Kitty was a nickname everyone in my family used to call me. I smiled and said hi. I walk back the bunk to find Michael not in it. "Boo." he grabbed my waist gently and wrapped his arms around me. I got butterflies in my stomach and laid my head on my shoulder so I can see his face out of the corner of my eye. He gave me butterfly kisses and pulled my waist into the little kitchen. "Make me eggs, please." he said, settling down in a booth. "How do you want them?" I said, grabbing a medium-sized skillet and a 4-eggs carton. "Scrambled.. Oh and can I have a side of potatoes?" he said. I dropped the skillet on the counter and looked over at him, giving him a "are you fucking serious" look. He gave a me a cheesy grin. "Why don't you go out to eat?" I asked. He shrugged and grabbed my hand to go into the backroom to watch the boys play FIFA. Ashton was on his phone and Calum & Luke were playing. Michael closed the electronic door and locked it. "There is NO way that they are getting out now." he said, grabbing my waist and kissing me. It was such a long kiss. He started messing with my shirt. I knew what he meant. I walked away and shook my head, teasingly. "I have soundcheck today. Are you coming?" he said, getting closer to my face. "Yeah" I said, smiling into eyes. I pulled him into a short kiss. We stopped at a hotel to get ready. There were A LOT of girls. I walked right past them with a bag of my soundcheck outfit, my hair straightener, and some makeup. I quickly got ready in the bathroom. I had a floral crop top with a thigh-length black skirt. I also had my old white vans, which were dirty but that stylish kind-of dirty. I straightened my hair and put on a regular black beanie I found at the bottom of my bag. I put makeup on and walked out of the bathroom. The girls were up against the door. As I waited for the boys on a cute little bench near a fountain, I played with my tounge ring. I thought about adding tattoos to my short tattoo sleeve. Luke walked out in a long-sleeved sweater. He knew I liked them on him. I gave him a thumbs up and he laughed. Then Ashton and Michael. Michael took my hand and unusefully helped me up from the bench. Calum walked out of the bathroom, checking his hair out in the reflection of his phone. Michael lifted me up on his back and he piggy-back rided me out of the hotel. All of the girls were awwwwing and pointing. We got on the bus and most of the girls chased. It was a five minute drive. We immediately ran into the stadium "performer" entrance. We then were in the backstage area. Ashton was taking Keeks and Calum was goofing around and Luke was being anti-social and Michael was cuddling. With me. On a small couch. I perfectly fit in his arms and I could feel the warmness of his breath touch my skin everytime he laughed. It was the best feeling in the world. I got butterflies in my stomach. I got up and went to the laptop. I went on GarageBand for the rest of the 10 minutes we had to wait until Soundcheck started. I was invited to go on stage with them. I walked on with Michael, holding his hand down the strange platform. "Hey Philly!" Ashton said. Michael pointing to a weird chair. I sat and watched the soundcheck. Some girls waved at me and when I waved back, they freaked. I felt so fucking cool. Like really cool. Michael smiling back at me and I winked at him.

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