The Tattoo Shop | Michael Clifford Fanfic


2. New chapter

At the end of my shift, I grabbed my bag and went out to my car. When I sat on the seat, I dug through my pockets and took out the little yellow sticky note with Michael's number on it. I texted him, just to see if it was real.

Me: Hey.. is this Michael? Im the "tattoo girl" 👍

To my surprise, he read it very quickly. I smiled as I saw the speech bubble come up. I was glad he was texting back.

Michael: I was waiting for your text 😂👍

Me: Really? 😂😂😂

Michael: Yeah 😏😏

Me: Wyd .xx

Michael: Recording some music.. u?

Me: nothing much.. just got out of the shop.

Michael: You should come hang with me and the boys.

I gasped and put down the phone. Did one of the most famous boys in the WHOLE world just invite me to hangout with him? No he didnt.

I read the text over and over and over but each time I read, the more unreal it got. It was so awesome.

Michael: hello?

Me: oh sorry. sure, lets hang. when&where?

Michael: Now and Hilli Condos and Studio Co.

Me: ok.. see you in 10.

I started driving the car to the location. There were no girls.. wow. Uncommitted, if you ask me. I got out of the car and went to the entrance of the Studio. It was glass doors and waterfalls. My jaw practically hit the ground. It was beautiful. I texted Michael to tell him I was here.

Me: Im here.

A minute later, an energetic Michael came running out of the back studios into the lobby and he grabbed my hand and ran me into the studios. We got to the recording studio and Ashton was doing drum solos. He looked so concentrated. Luke was sitting on a chair infront of the window, watching Ashton and eating Cool Ranch Doritos. Calum was putting band stickers on his bass. I smiled at everyone while Michael took me into the second studio. "Sing." he said. "What? I cant sing" I laughed and looked down at my Vans. "Yeah you can. Get in the studio and fucking sing." he said pointing at the microphone in an angry way, but he was smiling. I laughed and went to the microphone. I heard a beat to a song I knew. It was "21 Guns" by Greenday. I started singing and I was impressed with myself. At the end of the song, Michael smiled and applauded. "You said you cant sing!" he said opening the door while I untangled my hair from the headphones. I shrugged and laughed. "Who is fucking awesome now?!?" I said, laughing. He stared at me, slightly smiling. We slowly leaned in, as if we were gonna kiss. Then Ashton tried to get in the room. "Fuck off, Ashton!!" yelled Michael. "We are going out on the tourbus!!" Luke yelled back. "Ill be there in a few." Michael screamed. He lifted me up onto his feet and I was on my tippy toea to reach his face. His arms were around my waist and he kissed me, roughly. When we stopped, he said something. "Come on tour with me." he said. "

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