Baby Daddy H.S.

Rosie Edwards and her sister Emily, find Eleanor, a good friend on a bad evening in New York City. Thousands of fans crowd them because it's the night of Madison Square Garden. But when Rosie slips, falling into the arms of Mr. Styles himself, could he find her three years later with his child?


6. Oh My Gosh!


   I looked around as I waited in line with Louis and Eleanor. I turned around to see what I thought was effects from getting up at five in the morning. But I was wrong. It was really her. And she still had her necklace on. It was Rosie and she had a little girl with her. She looked a lot like me but I don't remember anything about us ever *cough*  doin' the deed. "Darcy, do you want to get your drink after you dance?" she said and I think she noticed me. But, Darcy. She always said she wanted a Gabriella or something. Oh my gosh, it's coming to me now. That night after the concert, the back of the van, I figured my mind was just messing with me and turned Lily's hair to auburn, not blonde. When we met at the bar, I was so drunk I honestly didn't even remember my name. I may or may not have tried crack, and if I did, I liked it.<<<<<Quoting Bob's Burgers>>>> "Rosie, erm, hi." I said casually. "Hello! I'm Darcy! I like tacos, cats, and my hair!" the little girl said to me. Yep, this is surely my child. "Darcy, shhhh, so anyways, um hi Harry...I guess." she said awkwardly. "Mummy, its Harry!"squealed and hugged my legs really tight. "She really likes you guys, as you can see her tutu." she said pointing to the tutu. I smiled and picked her up. She giggled but when I realized she called me 'Harry', did she not know to call me daddy or whatever? "Mummy, come hug Harry with me!" she said. I looked at Rosie and she said, "Look, I never told her because you became a drunk, you left me for that, that what ever she is and never bothered to call me when I called you." tears streaming down her face. "Harry, tell her, she asks me all the time, I'm just to afraid to say it, that I'll start crying because you took us apart, you never fixed us! We were broken, but now we're shattered!" she almost shouted at me. She's right. We are shattered. I looked at the little girl in my arms and whispered to her, "I'm your daddy." She looked at me and gave me an even bigger hug. What was I going to do now?





Hello! Author's note. So anyways, I have already decided there will be a sequel to this fanfic! Luv u all! Sorry it's really short but I was tired so I'll make it up to you!

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