Baby Daddy H.S.

Rosie Edwards and her sister Emily, find Eleanor, a good friend on a bad evening in New York City. Thousands of fans crowd them because it's the night of Madison Square Garden. But when Rosie slips, falling into the arms of Mr. Styles himself, could he find her three years later with his child?


3. January 2015

 I have been feeling like shit for a while. I'm always nauseous and vomiting,  "Damn you Emily!" I yelled to her as she walked through the door. "I sent you out for cookies damn near an hour ago! They'd better be peanut butter!' I yelled. I have been yelling at the stupidest things and I feel bad but big shit. She walked in the bathroom where I sat throwing up. "Here your royal pain in the ass, your cookies are in the table and this is my special treat to you.", she said, tossing me a small box. "W-what the hell is this?"I asked, she looked at  me, laughed, and walked away. The box read PREGNANCY TESTS. So, I did what was needed.

 I took them both and waited five minutes. I calmly walked into the bathroom after eating my peanut butter cookies, so good, and picked up the first test. I read the box where it determined whether it was positive or negative. 1 Positive 2 Positive Oh my God. Holy cow shit.  "Ahhhhh!" I screamed, I know I can't do this. I know it! The father isn't and most likely never will be in this baby's life because he'll be livin the dreams in Beverley Hills! AW FUCK! I also bet he's already fucked another chick, knocked her up, and moved on! It wasn't even a one night stand! More like a one night van! "Emily, can you get my phone for me?" I asked her and she handed me my phone. By the way, she's five months, three ahead of me. She looked at the tests and she started to cry, "Em, you okay?" I asked her. She smiled and simply said, "Hormones!" and she laughed a little. 


R: Hello, El?

E: Sup home fry?

R: Is there any chance you may have Harry's number?

El: Ya, why? You wanna go out on a date? 

R: No, at the moment he's a bloody bastard 

El: Aww, why?

R: I'll tell you later just give me the bloody number. 

 El texted me his number and I called him.



H- R-Rosie, oh ma god hi

R'Listen, right now, it's probably the Harry show the way your panting so let me set it to you straight

H- Wha?

R-In November, we had sex in the back of the van, remember?


R- You didn't use protection and now I'm pregnant

H- Shit, I'm really sorry, do you wanna maybe talk about this?

R-Well, ya that's why I called you

H- No, maybe at the coffee shop on 22nd?

R- Ya, that would be great. When?




Hello my chubby tacos! So, tell me what you think! What's gonna happen? will he die, will she die, will a bird die?! Hehe we'll find out I'll update later today

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