Baby Daddy H.S.

Rosie Edwards and her sister Emily, find Eleanor, a good friend on a bad evening in New York City. Thousands of fans crowd them because it's the night of Madison Square Garden. But when Rosie slips, falling into the arms of Mr. Styles himself, could he find her three years later with his child?


8. Emergency!


                          I remember crying. I remember my daddy rushing me to the hospital. I remember the doctor placing her cold hands on my neck, too. I was taken to some dark rooms where they took x-rays and lots of things. I had a pink cast on my arm and I couldn't dance for a long time. My mummy was crying and she looked terrified. My daddy was crying too. "I-it'll be okay, I promise." he said rubbing mummy's back. She cried even harder. Hmm, maybe great grandmomo, what I called her, died. "Darcy has this-blah blah blah- and this will-blah blah blah." the doctor said. I wan't paying attention, just playing with daddy's hand. All I heard was the word 'Cancer' and I fell asleep.

OMG I AM SO SORRY HOW SHORT THIS IS! But I am really tired because I got up at 6:30 am to write the other chapter instead of 7:45 so ya, really tired. btw, please leave me some sort of cancer in the comments, I know some cancers but I don't know. Cancer is Wilms Tumor, a type of cancer found in the kidneys 

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