Baby Daddy H.S.

Rosie Edwards and her sister Emily, find Eleanor, a good friend on a bad evening in New York City. Thousands of fans crowd them because it's the night of Madison Square Garden. But when Rosie slips, falling into the arms of Mr. Styles himself, could he find her three years later with his child?


12. Beverly Hills


                 Darcy came running around the house singing Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills! That's where I want to be! Livin' In Beverly Hills! The boys loved her, and the new miss Kalli. Kalli is Abby's baby. A friend of Eleanor's who hooked up with Niall. Kinda like me and Rosie. Except we're back together. When you see my face hope it gives you hell! All my life I've been good but no- I covered her mouth before she said hell. The girls went out shopping. Jeffery and Kalli were here with us. It's almost been two months since Rosie and I got back together. "Daddy, watch this!", Darcy said. She grabbed a brown marker and drew a mustache on a sleeping Zayn. "Darcy! What the he-heck!", I stopped myself from swearing. It was still 10:00 A.M. but if you're wondering why the girls left so early is because they also grabbed breakfast.

          The girls all rushed in the door, Rosie darting to the bathroom, hand over her mouth. I ran in there and pulled her hair back. I rubbed her back, hoping she'd feel better. Darcy came in and started crying. I scooped her up and told her Rosie was okay. Darcy and I decided to go get Rosie a present so maybe she'd feel better. When we got in the store, Darcy ran to the women's section and grabbed a box of pregnancy tests. "Darcy, put those back.", I told her but she shook her head. "Mummy!".she said. She still had the box and she ran over to the cookies. She grabbed peanut butter cookies and handed both things to me. "Honey, we aren't getting these.", she started to cry. "Fine, fine! We'll get them, go get a card and I get her stuff from me, okay?", .  I got her some roses and wine because she loves it. We checked out and Darcy was happy. "Darcy, why did you get mummy those?" I asked her. Now I'm curious. "Because when mummy said she was pregnant with me, this is how she felt.", she said and my stomach dropped. 

           We walked in and found her in bed. Rosie started to play with her hair but it was difficult do to chemotherapy. The medicine was starting to take affect. "Here you go!", Darcy said and gave her the stuff. Her eyes widened when she saw the tests and I pointed at Darcy, showing that she picked them out. "Ohh, umm, thank you baby!", she said with a bit of a fake smile. "Daddy's turn!", Darcy yelled and I got on the bed. I gave her the roses and she smiled. She smelled them and Darcy giggled. Then Darcy grabbed the wine from my hand and she gave it to Rosie. "Harry, you both didn't have to!", she said. Darcy sat on my lap and smiled. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure we did." she smiled, and gave her a hug.

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