Baby Daddy H.S.

Rosie Edwards and her sister Emily, find Eleanor, a good friend on a bad evening in New York City. Thousands of fans crowd them because it's the night of Madison Square Garden. But when Rosie slips, falling into the arms of Mr. Styles himself, could he find her three years later with his child?


9. Author's Note thingy bob

 Hello my fuzzy cheeseburgers. Don't ask.... So anyways, I am so happy you all like it! I am always trying to update, sometimes really fast so that's why chapters can be short! Sorry and I'm on break soon so I will update until 3 in the morning if I have to which is what I plan to do tonight. By the way, I may never get around to saying this so I'm saying it early! Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and if you don't, happy whatever holiday you do! God Bless or whatever no offence to anyone and ya, so that;s that! BTW! I decided to choose Leukemia as my cancer because that is seen in children more than what I had in mind. OK that's all and remember to watch Archer if you watch very sweary things.

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