A New Forever

Evelyn Joyce. She just wants to be adopted and live her normal life again. She grew up in London, England and then was moved to Melbourne, Australia after her mom died. Her dad had died two years earlier and she just wanted to fit in again. She was told about her older brother but doesn't remember what he looks like. Coming to Australia was changing her and her life. She gets adopted by the famous YouTube stars from the Janoskians, Luke, Jai, and Beau Brooks. She doesn't even know who or what they are. What will she do when she finds out who they really are? Will she be angry? Or sad? Or just plain confused? Follow Eve's journey with the boys and her start at a new forever.



6. Chapter 6

I heard the door open and the boys were all whispering.

"Eve, come here." Luke said and I pretended to be sleeping as a few tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Eve, we know you aren't sleeping." Jai said and I heard him walking towards me. I turned to look at Jai as he sat down on the bed next to me. He wiped my tears away with his thumb as Luke shoved Daniel towards me.

"Eve, I'm really sorry." Daniel said and I knew he wasn't lying. "I deleted the tweet." 

"Thank you, Daniel." I said quietly and Daniel nodded letting out a sigh.

"Why don't we all go to our rooms so Eve can sleep." Beau said and all of the boys left except for Luke, since we shared a room.

"Eve, you should go to sleep." Luke said and I nodded rolling onto my side as I closed my eyes. I listened as I heard him taking his shirt and pants off to go to sleep. I turned over and watched as Luke pulled up a pair of sweatpants and than ran a hand through his hair. He sighed and then walked over to his bed laying down as he stared at the ceiling.

 I slowly got up from my bed and walked over to Luke's. I pulled his blankets back and crawled under the sheets curling up in Luke's arm. I rested my head against his chest closing my eyes.

"What if I didn't want you to sleep with me?" Luke asked.

"I still would have done it." I said and Luke chuckled as he kissed my head and we both fell into a deep sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

"Looks like Luke and Eve got cozy last night." Beau said and I heard Jai chuckle.

"Go away." I groaned keeping my eyes closed.

"Wake up and say hello to your fans." Beau said and I kicked his leg. Or Jai's, one of the two.

"Oi!" Jai yelled and I smiled opening my eyes as I looked at Jai who was holding his knee.

"That was good aiming." Luke praised me as he smiled at me.

"We need to get to the venue so we can practice." Beau said and i groaned sitting up as I walked over to my bags.

"Who picked out my bathing suits anyways?" I asked and Jai blushed slightly.

"I did with James." Jai said and I just chuckled as I dug through my clothes.

"Here, let me help you." Beau said and he bent down next to me as he quickly put an outfit together for me. 

"Wow, thanks." I said happily as I stared at the outfit.

"Looks familiar." Luke smirked and Beau looked up at his brothers.

"Maybe it's because he wore almost the same outfit once." Jai smirked and Beau blushed slightly.

"That's okay, I like it. If you have the outfit, wear it today and it can be father-daughter bonding time." I said and Beau nodded smiling.

"Yeah, that would be nice." I smiled. Beau kissed my head and stood up.

"Go get dressed and then we can go." Beau said and I nodded walking into the bathroom. I quickly took a shower and then got dressed. I dried my hair and then straightened it putting it in a side ponytail. I applied light makeup making me look older. 

"Ready!" I said and I walked out of the bathroom as Luke was throwing a shirt on. It was a black  shirt with Janoskians printed in white.

"Okay, let's go." Luke said and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders leading me outside where the boys were waiting for us.

"Okay, there are about 100 girls out there. So we get in the van and get to the venue to practice." Ronnie said and I nodded as he grabbed Mariam's hand.

"Here it goes." Luke said and I chuckled as we walked outside being met by screams of the girls.

"LUKE! LUKE! JAI! JAI! JAMES! JAMES! DANIEL! DANIEL! BEAU! BEAU!" Girls screamed as the boys just walked quickly to the car.

Why are they up so early just to see the boys?

I got into the van quickly going to the back as Luke sat next to me. Jai dove into the back sitting next to Luke as he panted slightly.

"Is somebody tired?" I cooed to Jai as he turned to glare at me.

"Hey, I'm not your parent so I can do what I want to you." Jai said with a smirk.

"Puh-lease." I said rolling my eyes as Jai smirked and I smiled.

"You'll see tonight." he smirked winking.

"Try anything, Jai, I dare you." Beau said turning to look at Jai.

"EVE IS MINE!" James yelled making me jump at his loud voice.

"Whatever you say, James, but I think I called dibs." Daniel said and winked in my direction. I laughed and turned to Jai.

"My birthday is Sunday." I said and the boys all looked at each other.

"What year were you born?" Daniel asked and I rolled my eyes.

"June 9, 1999." I said and the boys nodded.

"So you'll be 14." James said and I nodded.

"I expect lots of presents." I said and then laughed as Ronnie chuckled from the front.

"Don't say that, they might throw you a HUGE party." Mariam said and I laughed.

"We're here." The driver said and the boys piled out as girls screamed once more.

"What do you want for your birthday?" Luke asked me over the screams and I shrugged.

"Anything." I yelled back to Luke and we made it into the House of Blues.

"Eve, stay here until the show starts." Luke ordered and let me sit down on a comfy couch backstage.

"How long do I have to sit here?" I asked pulling my phone out seeing that is was 9:30 in the morning.

"The concert starts at 7:00 so about 9 hours." Luke said and I groaned laying down as he just chuckled and left.

~9 hours later~

"Eve, wake up, the concert is gonna start soon." I opened my eyes to see James standing in front of me smiling. He had a microphone headset and he offered me his hand. I took it and he chuckled slightly. "Let's start the concert." he smirked and pulled me through the backstage where the boys all stood waiting to walk out.

"Hey, I want to be with Eve!" Luke whined and I nodded.

"I want to be with my mommy." I whined pouting at James.

"Do I hear that British accent?" James asked and I blushed looking away.

"Come to mummy!" Luke said and I chuckled as I walked over to Luke and he took my hand in his. I bit my lip nervously as their song, 'Best Friends', started playing.

"I'm so nervous." I said and Luke chuckled.

"Don't worry about it." he said and I was pulled out onto the stage as the girls screamed at the boys.

"WHO IS SHE?!?!?!?!" I heard one girls scream.

"Um, it's rude to yell at her when she's right there." James said and the girls quieted down.

"Tell em who you are." Luke said nudging me as he bent the microphone on his headset so I could talk into it.

"Erm, as some of you know, my name is Eve. I was born in London but then moved to Glenroy after my parents died being put into a foster home. I was in the foster home for three years and then I was adopted by Beau and Luke. Luke is my mom, if you're wondering." I said smirking up at Luke who chuckled down at me.

"Eve Brooks everybody!" James said clapping as the girls caught on and clapped with James.

"Can I leave now?" I asked getting a chuckle from Luke.

"Go ahead." Luke said and I smiled waving goodbye to the crowd before I ran backstage as the boys continued the show. I sat down on the couch as I watched the boys on the large TV in front of me.

~3 Hours Later~

"Thank you all for coming out!" I heard James yell and then they all ran backstage where I was.

"Eve, have you met our mum?" Luke asked me and I shook my head.

"Oh, she'll be at our show on Sunday night for you to meet her." Jai said and I nodded.

"I feel like this was a wasted day." I said and Luke chuckled. 

"We have another concert tomorrow and then we have to fly to PA after the concert tomorrow and then on Friday we have a free day." Luke said and I sighed.

"Can we maybe go out and like shop?" I asked begging Luke with my eyes.


"I'll take her out." Jai said interrupting Luke as he smiled slightly at me.

"Really?" I asked and Jai nodded. I hugged him tightly as he hugged me back.

"We can walk." Jai said and five security guards were sent with us as we walked out of the venue shoving through the crowd.

"I'm so excited." I yelled to Jai and he nodded.

"Just stay close to me." Jai yelled back to me over the screams. He held me hand tightly making me feel safe. We finally broke away from the screaming girls who were following us.

"Run?" I asked and Jai nodded as he yelled to the bodyguards.

"PINEAPPLE!" he yelled and the guards nodded as Jai pulled me along as we ran from the obsessed fangirls.

"Pineapple?" I asked laughing as Jai nodded. We ran into H&M as the guards closed and locked the doors. I let out a sigh of relief along with Jai. The older lady at the counter looked at us and then her eyes darted to the young girl that was looking through a rack of clothes. If anything she was younger than me. I cold hear her humming along to the song that was playing which happened to be 'Best Friends' by the Janoskians.

"Excuse me, but how much would these items be?" the young girl asked never looking up.

"We are closed, darling." the older lady said her eyes glancing back at me and Jai.

"Oh, okay." she said and then looked up seeing Jai. Her eyes widened and the guards slowly crept towards her.

"You are that one guy from that one group." she said and then she leaned against the rack of clothes making them fall along with her.

"Yeah, I am." Jai smirked laughing.

"Sorry! Sorry!" she said quickly standing up as I helped her lift the clothes up.

"What's your name?" I asked her and she smiled at me.

"I'm Crystal." she said and then looked me up and down. "Wow, you are Eve Brooks, big fan."

"Wait, you know Eve, but not me?" Jai asked confused as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"Who doesn't know, Eve. She's my idol, I mean she had a tough life." Crystal said and I chuckled.

"Let's let her stay and shop." I said looking at Jai.

"Okay, fine, go ahead and shop." Jai said and he stood leaning against the glass window teasing the girls outside as he smirked and talked with the bodyguards.

"How old are you, Crystal?" I asked and she chuckled.

"I'm 13, I'm tiny for my age." she smiled and I smiled laughing as we both looked through the clothes.

"Who are you shopping for?" I asked and she smiled.

"My older sister, who is obsessed with Jai and the other boys." Crystal said and then she chuckled. "I don't understand why."

"I know." I laughed along with her.

"Hey, I can still here you guys!" Jai yelled at us and I laughed rolling my eyes.

"Ooh, Crystal, look at this!" I said pulling out a beige crewneck.

"I think Maia would like this." she said and then grabbed a sparkly silver iPhone case.

"Can I sign it?" Jai asked walking over to us and Crystal nodded.

"Yeah, she would love that." she said and Jai smiled quickly signing the case.

"That all?" Jai asked and Crystal nodded shoving her short brown wavy hair behind her ear.

"Yeah, I think, I'm gonna leave now." Crystal said as she hurried to the check out paying for the stuff. "I need to get home." As if on cue, her phone started to ring.

"Is it your mom?" Jai asked and she nodded answering the phone.

"No, mom, I'm fine. The crowd? Oh it's nothing. Just some famous dude in the store. Yeah, I got it. Down the road? Okay. I love you, too. Bye." Crystal said and then shoved the phone into her pocket.

"Bye, Crystal." I said sadly.

"Bye, Eve." she said and smiled at me.

"Here, let me see your phone." I said and she handed me her phone. I quickly added myself as a contact and texted my phone so I knew it was Crystal.

"Bye, Eve, text ya later." she smiled and then the guards helped her outside as she shoved through the girls.

"I just want to go home." I said to Jai and he smiled.

"You sure?" he asked me and I nodded.

"I have enough stuff." I said and Jai smiled.

"Jason, we are gonna run back to the hotel." Jai said and Jason, one of the guards, nodded telling the other guards as they surrounded us and we pushed our way through the screaming crowd of girls as the guards yelled 'pineapple' again. On that we started running as Jai pulled me along since my legs were tinier than his.

"We are almost there!" I exclaimed to Jai as he laughed. I saw the hotel and Jai shoved me through the doors as I shrieked falling to the ground as Jai fell next to me the guards blocking the door.

"That was fun." Jai chuckled and I glared at them

"Smooth." I smirked and just laughed shaking my head.

"Eve, I love you. I love you like a little sister." Jai said staring into my eyes. I smiled finally feeling like I belonged somewhere.

"Jai, i love you too." I said. Jai moved over to me on the floor and kissed my cheek.

"And I will never let whoever he is hurt you." Jai said and I smiled.

"I know, I know you will keep me safe." I smiled truly meaning it.



For once, he didn't scare me like he normally does.

And I like this.


A/N: Soooo? Thanks for reading, hope you all liked this chapter!




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