A New Forever

Evelyn Joyce. She just wants to be adopted and live her normal life again. She grew up in London, England and then was moved to Melbourne, Australia after her mom died. Her dad had died two years earlier and she just wanted to fit in again. She was told about her older brother but doesn't remember what he looks like. Coming to Australia was changing her and her life. She gets adopted by the famous YouTube stars from the Janoskians, Luke, Jai, and Beau Brooks. She doesn't even know who or what they are. What will she do when she finds out who they really are? Will she be angry? Or sad? Or just plain confused? Follow Eve's journey with the boys and her start at a new forever.



3. Chapter 3

I woke up wiping my eyes that were red and puffy from crying. My throat hurt from screaming yesterday and I just felt weak and defeated.

"Eve, are you okay?" my head spun around and I saw Jai standing by the door.

"No." I growled at him and turned my back to Jai.

"I'm really sorry." Jai said and I looked up at his guilty face.

"Go die in a hole!" I screamed at him as I chucked my pillows at his face. 

I felt sort of guilty because in the videos, Jai seemed to be the one always getting picked on. Oh well.

Jai sadly closed the door behind him as he left. I laid on my bed and started crying again. I let out a loud scream just to let everything out. I screamed for as long as I could and just finished with a satisfied smile. I dragged my phone over to me by the ear buds and pulled it up my bed. I put my ear buds in and played my music. The song 'Harlem' by New Politics started playing and I smiled as I opened my window and quietly slipped out. I slid down the roof cutting my leg open in the process. I winced but kept my phone and wallet in my hand. I jumped down the few feet and started to run down the street. 

I was going to find him.

And make his life hell.

Like he made mine.


I walked down the street and I saw the airport in front of me. I looked around for the London flight to come in. 

"Excuse me, when does the flight from London land?" I asked the lady at the desk who smiled at me.

"It has just landed. The passengers will be coming out of that door right there." she smiled and pointed at the door in front of us.

"Thank you." I said and smiled politely as I made my way over to the door waiting for him to come out of the door. 

I watched the people from London file out of the door. I waited for him to come and I swallowed nervously. 

"Eve?" I turned around to see a boy standing behind me with a letter in his hands. "I got your letter."

"I didn't send a letter to you. I don't know who you are." I said and he looked at me shocked.

"Eve, it's me. Connor, your brother." he said and handed me the letter. I read over the letter and put my hand over my mouth.

"Beau and Jai wrote this." I whispered and ran to my brother. "I missed you." I said and he nodded hugging me back.

"I'm sorry I never came through at the funeral. I was in America with my new family that I love." he apologized and I shrugged it off.

"It's okay, I'm with people who care about me." I said and felt extremely guilty for running away.

"Eve, did you runaway." Connor scolded and I nodded. 

"They wouldn't let me come anyways." I said defensively.

"Eve, let's get you home." Connor sighed and he turned me around holding onto my shoulders as he led me through the crowd of people. I looked up and my eyes widened as Luke glared at me with Beau at his side. I pressed into Connor nervously as the two stalked towards us.

"Eve." Luke growled at me and scolded me with his eyes.

"Hi." I squeaked and Connor looked up and his eyes met the boys.

"Eve, you need to come home. Now." Beau said and I could tell he was controlling his anger.

"I think I'll just stay with Connor." I said and clutched onto Connor's shirt tightly so I wouldn't lose him.

"No, you won't." Beau said and he took a step towards me. I panicked and let go of Connor and ran the opposite way of Beau and Luke.

I dodged through people trying to get home of get to their next flight. I saw the exit and ran quickly as I opened the door and closed it running in the direction of the town. I saw Jai sitting in the car and went to turn around but Beau and Luke were running up behind me. I panicked and ran towards Jai. He looked up and saw me running full speed towards his car. I turned at the last second and went around the car as I ran down an alleyway. My breathing accelerated and I tried to keep my bretahing quiet. 

"I think she's in the alley." I heard Beau growl to Luke and I pressed my hand over my mouth trying to be even quiet. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks as Beau and Luke walked into the alley in search of me. I backed up and tried to run out the other entry of the alley. I went to run but somebody grabbed my waist and pulled me back. I screamed getting Beau and Luke's attention. I saw Beau smirk and my heart fell. "Nice job, Jai." Beau smirked and I could feel Jai's grip on me loosen slightly as Luke and Beau stalked over to me.

"There's no need to cry, Eve." Luke soothed and he wiped my tears away. I flinched at his touch and I could tell he was slightly guilty.

"Come on, Eve. Don't cry." Beau said gently and he grabbed my hand. I pulled my hand back and held it in my other hand as I just stared coldly at the two boys.

"Let me go!" I yelled and I kicked at Jai. He tightened his grip as I kicked at him.

"No." Beau said flatly as he looked at me.

"You are the worst parents ever!!" I yelled and Beau looked at me.

"You need to go home. With us. Not Finn and not this Connor person that you just met." Beau said.

"You can come home and see our dog." Jai said and I stopped kicking.

"You have a dog?" I asked and they nodded. I have a weakness for dogs, okay.

"And you can play with her and everything. She's a real dog." Luke said and I looked at Beau.

"Fine, but I want to be able to see Connor, he's my brother, and I want to go to London to see Finn." I said and they all nodded.

"Sure." Beau said and Jai let go of me. 

"Okay." I sighed and Beau hugged me tightly as we walked back to his car. Jai and Beau sat up front leaving me to sit with Luke in the back. I sat down and buckled myself up and we started to drive. As we were driving away my eyes widened as I saw him getting off of his plane. He had changed so much. He was actually sort of attractive. I watched as he smiled slightly at some girls and walked away to get his luggage. Jai drove away and I shuddered as we drove home.

I hope he doesn't find me.


I walked up the steps to my room. I closed the door behind me and I jumped when I saw somebody sitting on my bed.

"Hi." they said and I stared at them.

"Yeah, hi." I said and stared at them confused.

"You don't know me." they said and I just looked them up and down.

"You are from England. I hear the accent." I said and they nodded.

"Yes." he smiled.

"Yeah, get out of my room." I said and he stood up. 


He's tall.

"My name is Marcus. My friend, Alfie, is in your bathroom." he smiled.

"I will punch you if you don't get out." I threatened. I was not in the mood for this.

"Aw, come one." he begged.

"LUKE! GET YOUR FRIENDS OUT OF MY ROOM!" I screamed and somebody came out of the bathroom.

"Hi." he smiled and I glared at him.

"I'M GOING TO PUNCH THEM SOON!" I yelled and the door burst open.

"I didn't invite any friends over." Luke said and he looked at the two boys in front of me.

"Then explain them!" I yelled and pointed to Alfie and Marcus.

"Oh, yeah. Hey, Marcus and Alfie." Luke smiled and I glared at him.

"Leave. All of you." I hissed.

" I like her." Alife said and smiled at me.

"Yeah, just keep your hands to yourself and leave her alone." Luke said and I smirked as the three piled out of my room.

"Bye." I hissed and closed the door. I turned around and walked over to my bed. I sat down and laid my head on the pillow.

I am so tired. 

I closed my eyes and decided to take a short nap.


 I woke up and blinked my eyes. I sat up and screamed as I saw somebody standing at the end of my bed.

"Oh, hey, she's up." Alfie smiled and pointed to me.

"Really? Already?" Marcus asked as he walked out of my bathroom.

"Why are you here again?" I whined and laid my head back down.

"Well, we wanted to say hi but you were sleeping so we were waiting for you to wake up." Alfie said and I really wanted to punch them both.

"I swear I am going to kill you." I growled sitting up.

"Hey, uh, she's getting a tad bit pissed." Marcus said as he stared at me.

"I am not going to spare you just because you are from YouTube." I growled and Alfie smiled.

"She knows us from YouTube!" he exclaimed happily.

"I just guessed!" I yelled and they both jumped turning back to me.

"I know you like me." Marcus smiled and I jumped at him bringing him to the ground with me,

"SHE'S KILLING MARCUS!!" Alfie screamed and the door burst open as three frantic boys pried me off of Marcus as he lied on the ground.

"Oh my gosh. She killed him." Jai gasped and I glared at the boys.

"HE WAS SO YOUNG!!" Beau cried out and fell to his knees as he 'cried' into his hands.

"My best friend." Alfie said and 'cried' into his hands.

"You guys are idiots." I muttered and I walked out of my room down the steps. 

I sat down on the couch and I turned the TV on watching Spongebob as the boys laughed and played around upstairs.

That sounds sexual.

I chuckled in my head as I watched the TV trying to focus on the little yellow sponge on the screen.

"Hey." I looked up and watched as Jai sat down next to me.

"Oh, hey, Jai." I smiled and muted the TV as I looked at Jai.

"What music do you like?" he asked me and I smiled.

"I really like anything that has a good beat and I can dance to it." I smiled.

"Favorite song?" He asked with a smile and I laughed blushing.

"Sadly, it's 'Do What You Want' by Lady Gaga." I said and Jai laughed as I chuckled and blushed bright red.

"Oh, Eve, this is why I love you!" Jai chuckled and I rolled my eyes at him glaring playfully.

"Whatever." I said and stood up waking up the steps to my room. I closed my door and went on Google and searched up the top pop hits. I pressed play plugging my ear buds in as I listened to the top songs of music de la pop.

Ha ha, Spanish is fun.

I listened to the music as I signed up for a Twitter.


I paused the song and got off of Twitter switching over to Google. I searched up one of my new favorite artists now.

Ariana Grande. 

I listened to all of her music happily. I really like 'Right There'. 

"Eve, dinner's ready." Jai smiled as he opened my door."

"Okay, I'll be down in a sec." I smiled and stood up following Jai down the steps where Beau and Luke sat at a table waiting.

"Hi, Eve." Beau smiled and I smiled back at him.

"Hi, Beau." I smiled and sat down as Jai sat next to me.

"Find anything interesting when you were up in your room?" Luke asked me smiling as he ate his taco.

"Yes." I said happily taking a bite of the taco.

"What about?" Jai asked as he smiled at me.

"I like Ariana Grande. Like a lot. And she is going on tour! I really want to go and she's so nice!" i said and I watched as jai dropped his taco as it shattered everywhere. 

"Jai, calm." Beau said and I watched as Jai stood up angrily as he opened the door and left.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked confused and Luke looked at me.

"Go search up Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks and see what comes up." Luke said and he stood up running after Jai along with Beau. I ran up to my room and typed what Luke told me to into the search bar.

I prepared for the worst as I clicked on the first link.


"Oh my goodness." I whispered into my hands as I stared at the last website I was going to read on Jai and Ariana. 

I still love her but I love Jai too and I don't want him to have to look at me and feel hurt every day.

"Eve, Jai wants to talk to you." Beau said through the door.

"Come on in." I said and the door opened exposing Jai and Beau.

"I'll take you to the concert." Jai said with a sigh and my eyes widened as I smiled happily.

"REALLY!" I shrieked and Jai nodded. "OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!" I shrieked and I hugged Jai tightly as he hugged me back.

"It's tomorrow and we got backstage passes." Beau said happily and I squealed making Jai groan.

"How did you get them this late?!" I asked confused.

"We know somebody who owns the place." Beau shrugged and I smiled happily.

"I CAN'T WAIT!!" I screamed and Jai walked out of my room as Beau followed closing the door.

"Now get to bed, you have school tomorrow." Beau smiled and I nodded running to my bed as I pulled the covers over me. I didn't even bother to change because I fell asleep.



A/N: Hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!




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