A New Forever

Evelyn Joyce. She just wants to be adopted and live her normal life again. She grew up in London, England and then was moved to Melbourne, Australia after her mom died. Her dad had died two years earlier and she just wanted to fit in again. She was told about her older brother but doesn't remember what he looks like. Coming to Australia was changing her and her life. She gets adopted by the famous YouTube stars from the Janoskians, Luke, Jai, and Beau Brooks. She doesn't even know who or what they are. What will she do when she finds out who they really are? Will she be angry? Or sad? Or just plain confused? Follow Eve's journey with the boys and her start at a new forever.



10. Chapter 10

"We have to have a chocolate fountain." I informed Beau as he continued to write everything down. I was telling the boys what I wanted at my party in LA.

So far, we had two full pages of crap that I thought a party needed.

We also has two empty cartons of ice cream.

"Can we please add something healthy?" Beau asked me and I nodded.

"We can get strawberry's to dip in the chocolate." I said and my eyes lit up. "Oooh! And bananas!"

"We can put them on sticks than too!" Daniel exclaimed and we high-fived each other.

"Yes!" I said and James' face lit up.

"We forgot to put down popsicles!" He said and I jumped up and down on the bed.

"I want some popsicles!" I screamed and Luke laughed as he swooped me down and into his lap as I laughed smiling widely.

"What kind of popsicles?" Beau asked trying to ignore the fact that Luke was trying to tickle me.

"A-Any kind!" I laughed as Luke tickled my sides making me squirm around in his grip.

"Why are you so loud?" Beau asked me a smirk playing on his lips as the situation amused him.

"I know, like quiet down." Luke said as I let out a squeal as he started to tickle my neck.

"S-Stop!" I yelled as I couldn't stop laughing. "I-I'll p-pee on on you!" With that Luke stopped making me laugh as I laid in his lap breathing heavily.

"That was entertaining." Daniel smiled at me and I giggled as Luke patted my stomach making me giggle.

"I was scared I would get peed on." Luke said making me laugh even harder.

"You might still get peed on." Jai warned Luke as I shook my head.

"No, no, I can control it." I informed Luke who laughed and lifted me up tightly hugging me.

"Eve, we should go shopping for a birthday dress." Beau said as he continued to write stuff down.

"What are you writing down?" I asked Beau as he stopped writing and shoved the paper down his pants.

"Nothing." He said quickly making me laugh as I wrinkled my nose at the paper that was in his pants.

"I better not be getting that paper for my birthday." I warned Beau who chuckled shaking his head.

"Why doesn't Luke take you shopping for two or three dresses?" Beau asked and I nodded as Luke lifted me up carrying me over to the door where he put his shoes on.

"What about my shoes, mom." I teased Luke who set me down. I slipped my shoes on quickly as I opened the door running out of the hotel room. I pressed the button for the elevator as Luke ran over to me.

"I have the money so you can't run away from me." Luke said as I giggled hugging him tightly.

"Don't we need security?" I asked Luke as the elevator doors opened. We stepped in as Luke press the button that was labeled lobby.

"They are already in the lobby." Luke informed me and I nodded as we waited for the doors to open so we could get out of the elevator and shop for my dresses.

"So I get to pick out three dresses?" I asked Luke who bit his lip as he thought of his answer.

"Well, Beau said three or four, so probably three." Luke said and I shook my head as we stepped out of the elevator being met with the screaming fans.

"So four it is." I smiled up at Luke who laughed and shook his head.

"Oh, Eve." He smiled and ruffled my hair making me grunt in annoyance.

"Now my hair is ruined." I whined making him laugh as I hurried to fix my hair.

"Good afternoon, Eve." Mark said as he smiled at me. I returned his smile as I finished fixing my hair.

"What time is it, Mark?" I asked him and he looked at his watch.

"It is 12:30." He answered and I nodded as one of the younger guards, Jason slipped his phone into his pocket.

"Where are we going?" He asked as Mark looked down at me.

"Shopping, right?" Mark asked me and I nodded with a smile.

"I want to go to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe." I said and Luke looked down at me confused.

"Only those two?" He asked and I nodded smiling.

"That's it." I said and he nodded taking my hand as Mark, Robbie, and Jason led us outside and into the van.

"You okay Eve?" Luke asked me as I sat down in the car. I nodded as I buckled my seat-belt.

"It's kind of creepy how you guys drive a black van, just saying." I said and Luke laughed.

"Well, it gets us places." Luke laughed and I joined him.

"Like jail for kidnapping children?" I asked Luke who shook his head at me.

"Whatever, Eve." He laughed and I continued to laugh as we started to drive down to the store.

"Where are we? I forgot." I said looking at Luke who looked over at Mark who was sitting across from us.

"We are in Philadelphia." Mark said and I looked at Mark confused still.

"Where is that?" I asked confused as Mark laughed.

"You know nothing about America, do you?" Mark laughed and I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

"I know a little about LA and a little bit about Washington D.C." I told Mark who smiled at me.

"We are in a city in Pennsylvania which is-" Mark started to explain in a voice that you would talk to a small child with.

"I get it Mark." I said sending him a playful glare as he chuckled and Jason parked the car.

"I'll stay by the door for when we leave with Robbie. Mark will stay with you two in case anything happens." Jason explained as we all nodded.

"If we have to run, can I scream pineapple?" I asked and Robbie laughed as he nodded.

"Why not." He smiled and I smiled as I grabbed Luke's hand.

"Let's go shopping." I said and Mark opened the door for us. There was barely anybody walking around outside of the store as well as shopping inside the store. Luke pulled me into Forever 21 as he went straight to the dresses in the back.

"What color dress do you want?" Luke asked me and I shrugged.

"No idea." I said making him chuckle as he started to look at all the dresses.

"What size are you?" He asked me and I avoided his gaze as I looked at the dress in front of me.

Is it white?

Or is it cream?

The world may never know.

"Eve, what size are you?" Luke asked me gently putting his hand on my shoulder.

Or is it champagne?

"Eve, you can tell me, you don't have to worry about anything."

Maybe it's peach but the lighting is just confusing me.

Or is it-

"Eve, tell me, please." Luke begged and I looked up at him.

"Probably like a large or something." I muttered and Luke rolled his eyes and lifted my arm up putting it in front of me.

"See how small this is?" Luke asked me and his tone almost scared me. "You would drown yourself in that large dress."


"I don't care what anybody says about you, Eve. You are not fat at all, if anything you are perfect." Luke said and I looked away from him as he dropped my arm.

"So a medium?" I asked quietly earning a chuckle from Luke.

"More like small, Eve." He told me and I nodded as Luke grabbed a few dresses shoving them at me.

"Should I try them on now?" I asked and Luke smiled at me.

"If you don't see anything you like than you can just try these on." Luke informed me and I smiled widely at him.

"Oh, I see stuff that I like." I said making both of us laugh forgetting about what had just happened.

"Okay, than grab them in your size and try them on." Luke said and I grabbed three dresses not showing Luke, hiding them in between the dresses that he gave me. I grabbed Luke's hand sending him a wide smile.

"Come on, mom, time for me to try on some dresses." I said and Luke laughed as I pulled him to where the dressing rooms were.

"I'll be waiting out here for you to show me all of your dresses." Luke said and I laughed.

"All 6 of them." I smiled as I walked into one of the dressing rooms hanging the dresses up on the hangers. 

I quickly undressed myself as I put the first dress that Luke had picked out on. It was a very pretty dress seeing as a guy picked them out. It was black on the top with black lace over the top and was very tight fitting. It changed to a more flowy, nude color at the waist making me love it even more. I smiled as I thought about how a pair of nude flats would look with it. I opened the door to my dressing room and out to where Luke sat against the wall playing on his phone.

"Luke?" I asked and he looked up at me his eyes widening.

"Wow." Was all he said making me blush.

"How does it look?" I asked him spinning around for him.

"It looks really pretty on you, Eve. You look really pretty." Luke said and I smiled.

"Should I get it?" I asked and Luke nodded.

"Definitely, try on the others but you need to get that." Luke said and I smiled walking back into the dressing room. I took the dress off and hung it back on the hanger hanging it on a different hook so I knew I would buy it. 

I looked over at my dresses and decided to try on another one of Luke's dresses. This one was very pretty as well surprising me even more. This dress was a shorter dress making me nervous. It was a floral print dress, the pattern being navy and pink making me smile at the colors. I walked out of the dressing room trying to pull it down so it wasn't as short. I walked in front of Luke who looked up and laughed at me.

"You look so uncomfortable." He laughed and I blushed nodding as I shook my head.

"It's very pretty and short." I said and Luke just shook his head.

"Go change." He smiled and I nodded running into the dressing room and taking the short dress off. 

Luke's next, and last, dress looked way to mature for me. It was a royal blue that had ruffles at the waist right below a black belt. 

I hated it.

I walked out to show Luke. I wasn't even in front of him when he shook his head.

"No. You look way to old in that." Luke said making me laugh.

"Okay, I'll go get my choice of dresses." I said and walked back into the dressing room changing out of the dress. I grabbed one of the dresses that I chose.

It was a beautiful white lace dress with a light brown belt around the waist. I walked out to Luke who smiled at me.

"That looks really nice on you, too." Luke said and I smiled.

"I'm going to get this as well as the first dress I tried on." I said as Luke nodded and I walked back into the dressing room. I took the dress off and put it with the first dress that I tried on. 

The next dress was was a cream colored dress. It was a floral, lace print on the top and stopped at the waist, cut off by a small bow. It than flowed out into a peach colored flowy material.

To say that I loved it was an understatement.

I walked out to Luke who stared at me a smile forming on his face.

"That looks perfect on you." Luke said making me smile widely as I nodded.

"I really like this one too." I said and Luke nodded as I walked back into the dressing room.

Only one more dress.

I took the dress off letting out a sigh as I looked at my final dress. It was a plain, teal skater dress with a small, light brown belt around the waist. I walked out of the dressing room and watched as Luke smiled widely at me.

"That is your dress." He said and I giggled turning around where I saw Mark looking through some of the clothes.

"Mark, what do you think of this dress?" I asked and Mark looked over at me.

"That is so totally your color." He said in a high pitched voice making me laugh as I shook my head and walked back into the dressing room. I took the dress off and changed back into my regular clothes letting out a sigh of relief that I was aloud to wear my jeans again.

I know it is like the middle of summer, but I am fine in jeans and a tank top.

I grabbed the four dresses and walked over to the checkout zone where Luke waited for me.

"So, now we don't have to go to-" Luke started but my eyes widened as I cut him off.

"Oh, we are still going to Charlotte Russe." I informed him as he handed the lady his credit card.


"No, Luke, we are still going. It is only next door." I told Luke as the lady handed him his card back and bagged up my dresses.

"Have a nice rest of the day." The lady smiled as Mark led us outside where a few fans were waiting. Luke and I quickly walked into Charlotte Russe closing the doors behind us as Robbie and Jason guarded the doors once again.

"Only one dress from here than." Luke told me and I nodded as I looked through the rack of dresses. I grabbed one and Luke handed me another one as Luke leaded me off to the dressing rooms.

"Wait here." I said pointing to the bench outside of the dressing rooms. I walked into one of the small changing rooms. 

The dress that I had picked out was a skater dress. It was black and white striped on the top and stopped at the waist, being cut off by a white belt. It than flowed out into a plain turquoise pattern. I walked out of the dressing room as Luke looked at me with a smile.

"That looks really nice on you." He said and I nodded giving him a smile.

"I'm going to get this one, but I just want to try the other one on. Luke nodded and I walked back into the dressing room changing into the other dress.

This dress was navy navy blue with lace over it. The back was all open and the straps crossed in the back. It was really pretty but it looked weird on me. I walked out to show Luke. He shook his head at the dress.

"I don't like it on you." He said and I nodded smiling at him.

"I don't like it on me, either." I told Luke and walked back into the dressing room changing back into my regular clothes. I put the navy blue dress back on the rack and walked over to Luke with the dress that I liked.

"Ready to get back to the hotel room?" Luke asked and I nodded leaning into his side as he handed the cashier his credit card again.

"I love you, Luke." I said as he wrapped his arm around me.

"I love you, too, Eve." He said and the cashier smiled at us as he handed Luke his credit card and the bag with my dress in it.

I smiled as I watched Luke wave at the few fans. 

How was I lucky enough to be adopted by the Janoskians?


A/N: Hey guys so I hope I put a good visual of what the dresses look like in your guys' head(: Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!



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