There's no "I" in love

Harry and Skyler have been going out for 2 years. 2 years of full on romance, happiness and love. But now as things pick up with One Direction and Harry is barely home Skyler feels like they're destined to fail and wants out. But Harry loves Skyler to the ends of the earth and tries to convince her that no love is perfect, no ocean will keep them apart, and it's worth fighting... together.... because there's no "i" in love.


2. Unbreakable

Harry's POV

I wanted to tell Skyler about the tour because I know it's what keeps our relationship strong.. honesty.  

I took Skyler's hand and walked her to her couch.  I didn't know who to begin so I just started....

"Um so I guess you know by now that our album has been a huge success" 

All of a sudden I see her eyes tear up and I panick

"Why are you crying" I ask while wiping away a tear

"I know you want to break up and I'm just upset"

"Break up?! no no no babe I just was going to tell you that there's gonna be a tour"

She looked confused so I continued

"We're going on a 6 month tour and I just wanted to tell you... I'd never leave you... you're my everything.  I was also going to remind you that you can come and visit me, we'll skype and call each other all the time"


"I'm going to miss you" 

"Me too baby... but don't worry we're going to get through this" 

"What if you find someone better" I could see the worry in her eyes and she continued before I could respond.  "There's gonna be thousands of girls at your shows and what if you find someone better" 

"There is no one better for me than you... I could meet a million girls and the only one I'll actually miss is you.... and 1 other" 

She smiled and than raised her eye brow at the last part... "let me guess... Taylor Swift"

"No.... my mother...." I smiled cheekily pecking her lips



Skyler's POV

I'm sitting on Harry's bed as he quickly packs for his tour.  His flight leaves in 5 hours and I'm just so caught up in my thoughts that Harry snaps his fingers infront of my face.  "Earth to Skyler" "Oh sorry... just got a lot on my mind" 

"Like what babe" He stops and waits for my response. 

"What's it's gonna be like without you for 6 months! Who I'm gonna call when I have nightmares... who I'm gonna watch movies and cuddle with." I just got lost in my emotions and started crying.  I didn't want to... I wanted Harry to know I was proud of him.  "I'm sorry I just... I'm happy for you and the boys... I'm just gonna miss you... I know it's selfish and stupid." I say wiping my tears.  


He came over and sat next to my on the bed and placed his hands on the backs of my cheeks "It's not stupid... babe I'm gonna miss you so much too.  You can still call me whenever and I will do my best to answer. Nothing is going to change the way I feel about you and everyday you're going to be on my mind..... I-I Love you" 

Did he just say he loves me?! "I-I Love you too" 

An hour later we're standing at the airport and Harry's flight is being called for boarding.  He comes over and hugs me.  "I'm going to miss you babe... but know that I love you and that no distance or time can break us apart... I love you" He kisses my lips for the last time and I have tears in my eyes again.  "I love you Harry" He kisses my forehead and walks off to the plane.... and that's it... He's gone for 6 months......

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