There's no "I" in love

Harry and Skyler have been going out for 2 years. 2 years of full on romance, happiness and love. But now as things pick up with One Direction and Harry is barely home Skyler feels like they're destined to fail and wants out. But Harry loves Skyler to the ends of the earth and tries to convince her that no love is perfect, no ocean will keep them apart, and it's worth fighting... together.... because there's no "i" in love.


1. 16 and in Love

Skyler's POV:

I wake up on a Saturday morning to hear the pleasant sound of a text message from my boyfriend of 2 years, Harry Styles.  Yes the Harry Styles from One Direction and the x factor. I loved seeing Harry perform with 1D every week on television... but now they're busy producing their 1st album.  We met in 9th grade when we were both 14 in science class.  As cheesy as it sounds we ended up doing  a chemistry lab together and we just clicked. 

I unlock my phone to read the message: 
"morning beautiful, I was hoping to take you out to lunch today u...XOXO H"

I aww to myself wondering how I got so lucky to have him. 

I quickly snap out of it and reply "sure lunch sounds great! <3 XOXO S" 

Me and harry always put XOXO and our first initial at the end of our texts... i guess it's just one of those relationship quirks.  

"pick u up in 5 XOXO H" 

I run to my closet and put on a floral dress with black flats and curled my hair.  I didn't wear much makeup just mascara... i just felt comfortable around Harry... he makes me feel beautiful.  


5 mins Later Harry shows up at my house and leads me out to the car.. he just got his license so he can drive!! 

"Hey babe" he says pecking my lips

"Hey Hazza" I say hugging him

"you always look so pretty" he whispers in my ear making me blush

he smirks knowing what effect he has on me.  


**At the Restaurant**

We sat down and ordered... I had a BLT and harry ordered a burger with fries.  

"So I have to tell you something babe" Harry says looking right into my eyes

I'm nervous but reply " Ok... shoot" 

" our album has just been completed and it's being released next week.  " he says with a wide smile.  

"OMG Harry that's amazing!! I'm so happy for you!" 

"Thanks babe Im so excited" 

We pay the bill and leave the restaurant when Harry tells me all the boys and their girlfriends are heading over to Niall's house for a celebration party. 


**AT Niall's** 

We arrive at Niall's and Niall is super happy that his parents won't be home for the party.  

Eventually after eating pizza Zayn suggests... "Lets play truth or dare" 

We all agree and sit in a circle and Niall goes first.... "Harry truth or dare" 

Harry without hesitation chooses "dare" 

Niall smirks and looks at me... oh gosh what is he gonna have us do

"I dare you to full on makeout with Skyler right here... don't forget the tongue" he says confidently. 

Harry shrugs and says "only if she's comfortable" 

he turns his body towards mine and I nod giving him permission.  His soft lips crash on to mine and suddenly I forget anyone else is even there until I feel a hand pulling my shoulder away from Harry.  "That's enough gosh I didn't mean for 5 mins straight" He says pulling us apart as a blush into Harry's chest." 


**2 Weeks Later** 

One Direction's album has gone viral... like to countries all over the world.  Harry now has a million twitter followers and he couldn't be happier.  

That's until Harry shows up at my door step looking a bit down.  

I open the door  and embrace him with a hug.  "hey babe why so down?" 

"i need to talk to you" and then my heart drops.... I know what "we need to talk means" 

and I just nod "ok" letting him inside my house.  

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