10 Years Ago...

10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson was pregnant
10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson ran away from the love of my life
With his baby.
I'm sorry Harry but it was 10 Years Ago I can't change my mistake

(Made a cover!)


4. Stalker...

Darcy just went to bed and I plopped on the sofa.I bet Mark planned them to meet up with me or maybe he is a mind reader and sent them to me!Oh god I'm going crazy...mind reader yea right.

I heard a loud knock on the door and yelled coming I half ran half walked to the door.Unlike most other idiots who open their door and get kidnapped I looked through the peep hole.


HSHSHSHAHAHAHAHDGZIAOQKSBSHIQAJGQIWOEPWIQIxnxbxuqowksbiwkeh what on heavens name are they doing there!

Distraction...uhh uhhh oh I got it!


I slammed the glass vase on the ground.

"Oh Darcy!Let me help you,uhh whoever is at the door go away you stalker don't just don't talk to me freaks I'm moving!",I swear my acting skills have never been better.Darcy was actually peering around the corner of the hall giving me the'are you mental' look.

-/Darcy's POV/-

I watched mommy open the door and the nazi people were standing there!What mommy looked down and the drooling guy from earlier asked,"you have a daughter?",no duh you idiot.I didn't mean it! 

She let them in and there were A LOT of them and then they started talking about adult stuff blah blah blah.My bed know seems comfortabl-"DARCY",mommy yelled.I didn't move,to make it seem like I was in my room,and then after some seconds I started walking,looking tired.No offense mother but I'm a way better actor than you.

"what mommy I wanna snuggle with mr dog but you made me get up",why can't I go to sleep I do want mr dog.And I wanna sleep and-"Darcy meet your father",I jumped my eyes wide open looking at the man she pointed to."DADDY" I screamed like I knew him my whole life.But he is always at work!How long does this man work for.I hugged him and-HE HAS BIG HANDS 


"daddy is a giant he has big hands!",I hold his hand.He just laughed,"daddy how long were you at work?",I ask him.Then mommy pushed me into my room.Meanie.




I smiled seeing her smile when she met Harry,I didn't really like that she had already called him daddy.


I still have a lot to explain to everyone.


that includes






and their wife's(Beside Harry)


She mentioned him being at work and I pushed her into her room yelling goodnight.


"what was that about?",they ask when I got back.


"well whenever she asked about you I just told her you were at work for a loooooonnnnnnnggggggg time",I explained.


That wasent the only thing I explained that night either.


I guess you could say I told 10 years of my life in just why 4 hours.Guess who slept over for"father daughter bonding time"




claiming that they miss me. I know for a fact that....well...who am I kidding I'm in shock that they still like searching up people and being all stalker like.


They did that in there younger years but it slowly died down.A little.

They all couldn't stop raving about how cute Darcy was and adorable.

Turns out she is the youngest out of everyone's kids.

(she ran away like some years after 2014 and all the other people had kids and then stopped so yeah!)

well Darcy is getting A LOT more presents than she is used to this year.


And she still has to meet ALL of her cousins.Its amazing how much information you can exchange in 4 hours from the course of 10 years.


(I felt like this was dragging and boring plus I don't know what else to put so I hope you enjoyed!)


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