10 Years Ago...

10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson was pregnant
10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson ran away from the love of my life
With his baby.
I'm sorry Harry but it was 10 Years Ago I can't change my mistake

(Made a cover!)


2. November,1

Darcy was ecstatic when I told her we were leaving for a year.I never told her about Harry she has ask about who her father was,but I just told her that he was at work.She believed me,but again she was 5 at the time.


We arrived at the airport and Darcy wouldn't stop jumping around.Im not sure if it was because of the London thing or that her birthday was November,6.

Im really tired considering its 4:27 am!


~Skip plane ride because I have never been on one and have no idea what it's like~

We walked out to the crowded London airport and straight away the screams filled out ears.

I took Darcy outside after collecting luggage and called a taxi.I told him the address to the flat we were renting.The flat was nice,5 minuets from all the shops,Big Ben,the London Eye.


Everything was perfect.Until Darcy wanted food.


Everything just ruined me 


/-sorry for short update-/

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