10 Years Ago...

10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson was pregnant
10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson ran away from the love of my life
With his baby.
I'm sorry Harry but it was 10 Years Ago I can't change my mistake

(Made a cover!)


3. Food is the death of me

"Mommy!Mommy!I wanna go there!",Darcy jumped up and down pointing to a restaurant that was fairly crowded."Anything for you princess",I kissed her head and we walked inside."Table for two please"I told the lady."If you can please have a seat and wait a minute while we get your table ready..."I nodded and sat.Darcy swung her legs on the red leather seating as she looked around the cozy restaurant.

I couldn't help but think of Harry when I see her,she has those luscious curls and the dark brown hair with green eyes.She was truthfully a spitting image of him.I felt the leather beside me dip down as some other people waited.I turned my head and saw about nine people."Georgia Sampson party of two your table is ready" the over head thing said.The people stopped talking.They probably remember me from when me and him were the 'it' couple.I stood up and held Darcy's hand as she started to skip,following the waitress lady.Her curls bouncing on her back and that contagious laugh she makes.

We seated and ordered our drinks.Darcy scribbled in the children's menu,just like Louis would when we-STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM!

But they were your friends!




life is complicated   


We had just finished eating food when a large group of people walked over.Immediately recognizing them I took Darcy's hand and started walking away.The followed behind,"Georgia!OMG it's you!",they yelled.I played dumb,ignoring them.Darcy looked up to me and asked."Who are the creepy nazi people following us?",She always asked that when strangers talk to me.They stood shocked"I don't know Darcy I've never seen them before",I told her,lying as I had seen much more of one of them than any others."Mumma that one's drooling!",I pulled her away calling a taxi and quickly got in.  

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