10 Years Ago...

10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson was pregnant
10 Years Ago I Georgia Sampson ran away from the love of my life
With his baby.
I'm sorry Harry but it was 10 Years Ago I can't change my mistake

(Made a cover!)


1. 10 Years Ago...

10 Years Ago...


I picked up the stick on the counter afraid of the results.




Oh great.

I heard a door slam and I hid the test quickly."Georgia?",I heard."Yes?",I asked.

"Are you ready Leave tomorrow remember?",how could I forget."Yea coming!",I shouted.



~~~~~~~~2 months into tour~~~~~~~


I couldn't take away his dream with a baby.It would ruin his career.


What if he gets mad

He probably will your an idiot!

Ugh shut up!




I woke up and shook the memory off.I did the right thing.........right.

I made eggs,bacon,pancakes,and French toast.A normal breakfast in this house.

I called Darcy down to eat and she hopped down like usual.I don't really do what I want anymore these days it's more of what Darcy wants.Like if she wanted chocolate for desert then she would get it.


Do I spoil her?

My phone ringed."Hello!",I chirped."Hey Georgia I have a great new business opportunity for you.It does involve moving for an amount of time but I'm sure you and Darcy would love it!",Mike said."Move to where exactly?and how long?",I asked."For about a year and in London",I could hear the smirk as he said that."NO MARK!I can't go there I might run into you-know-who!",I expressed."Voldemort?No he is gone no need to worry!",OMG I swear this man can be the wisest and stupidest guy ever.


"No Mark you are the only person I trust with this whole situation why do you even want me to go there?",I asked.


"Okay it's for an ACTUAL work related thing",he said all serious."What is that?",I sighed."If you don't go to London for a Year long break with all expenses paid by us.Then you're fired",he simply said.

My jaw dropped.

"Your plane leaves on Thursday November 1 at 4:30 am gate 23-a I assume you have made a decision".


"I swear Mark-goodie!",he hung up.



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