Just press play and the pain will go away

"Hey, hey, hey. It's me the marvelous marvel."
Her alcoholic mother never listens to her she always out with strange guys from the bar. She bought game stations with the money she earned with her paychecks from work. She falls in love with video games. Suddenly she fines YouTube and makes an account. That's when her world changes.


1. outside...

My hand was shaking and my body trembled. I took a deep breath. I chewed at the piercing on my lip. I slowly placed my hand down on the cold metal doorknob. I slowly turned it and pulled it open. I was greeted by bright sunshine . I squinted and as my eyes adjusted to the sun. I took a step outside. I closed my eyes and felt the light breeze on my face. I dreaded the outside. It was unknown territory a world of messed up people all in a messed up place. I began to walk and watched my feet as I did. I stopped at the intersection. I pushed the traffic button band waited for the light to turn red. When the light went red, the cars stopped and I walked the cross walk. The light went green as soon as my foot touched the next curb. I slowly walked up to the building before me and grabbed the handle. I opened up the door and was greeted by the familiar smell of swear and comic books. I walked to the game section and sat on the floor scanning the rows of games. Horror, comedy, adventure, anime, every genre you could think of.

"Hey, silent stalker." Mark the manager smiled

I waved and smiled big. He's as close as I friend I have. He calls me that because I always come here, but I hardly ever speak a word. Mark came and sat down next to me. He browsed the sections.

"Hmm..." He thought. "Ah! How bout Murdered?"

I looked at the front of the case and studied it. It seemed like an adventure game. I likes those kind.

"Okay." I said quietly

He smiles and went to the desk. It's not that I'm shy it's just I hate talking.

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