Just press play and the pain will go away

"Hey, hey, hey. It's me the marvelous marvel."
Her alcoholic mother never listens to her she always out with strange guys from the bar. She bought game stations with the money she earned with her paychecks from work. She falls in love with video games. Suddenly she fines YouTube and makes an account. That's when her world changes.


2. inside...

I laid on my bed playing Murdered. It was an amazing game. The story line was perfect! I paused the game, saved and exited it. I smiled. I stared at the poster on my ceiling it was of Ian Somerhalder. I tore it out of a library magazine. I've been waiting for the day the tape gives out and Ian lands softly in my bed with me.

"Come to me Ian, let me love you. " I whispered

I reached my hands out dramatically and laughed at myself. I hung upside down on the side of my bed and giggled to myself. I sat up and felt dizzy from hanging off the bed. I held my head. Ouch. I laid down and closed my eyes eventually my eyes drifted off. 


"Come on wake up!" a voice called so faintly away.

I mumbled. 

"Get up!!" it screamed this time suddenly closer.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. My vision slowly came into focus. My sister stood in my doorway hands on her hips. Her face showed annoyance. She glared at me.

"Finally, get up. Cousin Abby and Wendy are coming over." 

With that, she walked out. I got out of bed. i looked in the mirror. My hair is up to the tip of my ears but, it was tangled in knots because of sleep. I looked at the poster of Ian above my bed. Still no sign of him joining me yet. I sighed and combed out my hair. I went to my closet and grabbed my Zelda shirt, ripped skinny jeans and a bra and got changed. I looked in the mirror the blonde strip in my hair was finally staying where it was supposed to. I smiled and my reflection smiled back at me. I high-fived my reflection. I grabbed my black veil brides beanie and put it on my head. I laid on my bed and grabbed my headphones from off the floor and plugged them into my laptop. i turned it on and played music for a little while.



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