Amelia Becker and Beau Brooks were the perfect couple. Everyone envied their relationship. It only took one life changing event for them to realise how much they meant to each other. Forgotten, that's what Beau was. He felt lost without having Amelia knowing the truth, without having her in his arms whenever he wanted. Will she eventually learn to trust Beau and regain her memory?


34. Chapter 34

“Amelia, come out, please.” Tilly said from behind the locked door. Everyone has been trying to get me out of this bedroom for the past half hour.

“Isn’t she coming out?” I heard Luke say.

“No,” Grace sighed.

“Just give her time.” James said. Yeah, I need a lot of time. How could they have lied to me for this long, especially about this? The relationship with Beau I thought I had has been a massive lie.

I heard shuffling in the hallway, maybe they went back to the living room?  I ran my hands through my hair trying to process everything that I’ve found out. I stared down at my phone debating whether to read more tweets or not. Ah, what the hell. I picked it up and opened twitter again, reading through all my recent tweets.

@BrooksBeau: @Amelia_Becker I love you too :) xxx

I clicked on Beau’s profile and started scrolling down it.

@BrooksBeau: I hate seeing you like this.

@BrooksBeau: I need you

@BrooksBeau: I’m such a mess

@BrooksBeau: Thanks everyone for being here for me, I love you guys :)

I scrolled my way back up opening the tweet Jai had mentioned earlier.

@BrooksBeau: Missed this girl *Image attachment*

The image was her kissing his cheek. Jealousy hit me once again but it was different from the previous times. Knowing that Beau is my boyfriend now has changed everything.

Who is this girl? Have I met her? Does he still like her? Does she still like Beau? Does Beau still like me? So many different questions were filling my mind. I just want to remember, I need to remember. I feel so lost, I’m broken. It feels as if part of me is missing, I feel empty.

I spent the next 10 minutes reading my previous tweets but then I noticed my mentions were going crazy.

@Skips_Skiplet: @BrooksBeau uhum, I don’t think @Amelia_Becker would be very happy with this

It was in reply to the picture he posted of him and ‘Kaitlyn’.

@BeauBrooksslutt: @Amelia_Becker I know you probably aren’t reading this or if you are you won’t know what’s really going on but I hope you’re okay and stay strong xx

I smiled at the tweet, how cute.

@Amelia_Becker: @BeauBrooksslutt Hey :) Thank you, I’m trying my best to xx

@Brooooksgirl: @Amelia_Becker Can I just say that I love you and you’re like my idol ok bye

I giggled a little when I read the last one, I didn’t reply I just favourited it. I locked my phone and laid myself down on the bed, just thinking about everything.

Why did Beau lie? Why didn’t he just tell me the truth? This whole time I thought my boyfriend was on the other side of the world it turns out he was right there next to me.

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