Amelia Becker and Beau Brooks were the perfect couple. Everyone envied their relationship. It only took one life changing event for them to realise how much they meant to each other. Forgotten, that's what Beau was. He felt lost without having Amelia knowing the truth, without having her in his arms whenever he wanted. Will she eventually learn to trust Beau and regain her memory?


29. Chapter 29

“You sure your mum won’t mind us staying here?” I asked Beau from the sofa.

“She’s fine with it. I texted her, it’s not a problem. Stop worrying so much.” Beau chuckled lightly as he set up the DVD player.

“Where are the boys?” I asked, referring to Luke and Jai.

“Probably at Daniel or James’” He said, placing himself next to me, pulling me towards me.

“Okay,” He wrapped his arm around me. “What are we watching?”

“Mean Girls,” He grinned.

“Perfect,” I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder.


“If you’re from Africa then why are you white?” I quoted and imitated Karen’s voice.

“Oh my god, Karen, You can’t just ask people why they’re white!” Beau replied. I couldn’t help but laugh. I went to say the next line but I heard someone shut the front door. I looked up towards Beau with a questioning look. A smile was soon placed on his face. I jerked my head back towards the living room door to find a woman standing there grinning.

“Hey mum,” Beau said. She didn’t say anything, she just stared in awe. I got up from the sofa and walked towards her.

“Thanks for letting me stay, Gina.” I smiled at her, giving her a hug.

“Oh, Amelia, you’re welcome darling. It’s lovely to see you again.” She spoke through teary eyes. I looked at Beau not knowing what to say or do.

“Need help with dinner mum?” Beau asked, getting up as well.

“No, I’ll be fine. What would you two like?” She smiled warmly at us.

“Anything will be fine,” I smiled back.

“Pasta al Pesto?” She asked specifically at Beau.

“Sounds good, Mi?” He asked looking down at me.

“Yes, please,”

“Good, I better start cooking,” She smiled again before walking off into the kitchen.

“Why did she nearly start crying?” I asked Beau, puzzled.

“She was worried sick when you were in that accident. It’s the first time she’s seen you since then so that’s probably why.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say? We should have come to see her straight away!” I asked upset that it’s taken me this long to actually meet her.

“Because you needed to settle in and you meeting so many new people so fast would have caused stress and things. It was mum’s idea to wait; she understands what you’re going through.” ‘What you’re going through.’ It sounds as if I’m mentally ill and can’t look after myself. “Want to finish the movie?” Beau asked.

“Uh, no, you can, I’ll spend time with your mum and help her cook.” I said giving him a fake smile before walking off to Gina.


“This is lovely, thank you, Gina.” I said gratefully, eating the last strand of spaghetti in my bowl.

“Oh, don’t be silly. You helped me cook half of it after all.” She laughed.

“So where are Luke and Jai?” Beau asked his mum.

“At James’” Gina replied.

“Are they staying the night?” Beau asked curiously. Why did he want to know?

“Yeah, why?” Gina furrowed her eyebrows.

“Just wondering,” He shrugged. I got up and placed my plate in the sink, along with Beau’s.

“Gina, shall I wash the dishes?” I asked, letting out a small yawn.

“That’s fine, darling. I wash them in the morning. Go to sleep you look tired.” I did as she instructed and walked towards Beau’s bedroom, placing myself on his bed. Beau appeared in the room a few minutes after I walked in with our bags.

“You know,” He started of speaking. “I never did tell you where my room was,” He chuckled.

“Instinct I guess,” I yawned, shrugging. He placed himself next to me, pulling the covers over us.

“Night, Mi.” He said placing a kiss on my cheek, turning the lamp off.

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