Amelia Becker and Beau Brooks were the perfect couple. Everyone envied their relationship. It only took one life changing event for them to realise how much they meant to each other. Forgotten, that's what Beau was. He felt lost without having Amelia knowing the truth, without having her in his arms whenever he wanted. Will she eventually learn to trust Beau and regain her memory?


17. Chapter 17

I was lost, having no idea where I was heading. After I stormed off I turned my phone off so no one could contact me. It’s been a good hour since I’m been wondering around Melbourne. I haven’t stopped walking once.

I found myself walking down a small street full of houses. I don’t know why but I felt drawn to this place even though I had no idea where I was. I finally got to a certain house and stopped walking; I just stood outside it not knowing whether to continue walking or just rest for a bit. I decided to sit down on the pavement; my feet were aching for walking for so long.

“Amelia?” I heard a familiar voice come from behind me. I turned around to find Grace standing there looking worried. “What are you doing, come in.” She pulled me up and led me inside the house.  We walked in the living room to find Rosanna, Georgia and Tilly sitting on the floor with the same face expression as Grace.

“Hey guys,” I whispered.

“Oh my god! We’ve been worried sick! Are you okay?” Rosanna rushed over to me. “Wait, how did you get here?” She asked all of a sudden confused. I shrugged.

“I don’t know if I’m honest,”

“Beau’s been going crazy looking for you; I’ll let him know your okay.” Georgia said grabbing her phone but I stopped her.

“Don’t tell him where I am whatever you do; I don’t want to go home just yet.” I told her, she nodded her head and went to call him walking out of the room.

“Did you two argue?” Tilly asked. I nodded my head taking a seat next to Grace on the sofa.

“Want to talk about it?” Grace asked.

“Maybe later,” I gave her a small smile.

“We were all so worried. You could have at least turned your phone on!” Rosanna said.

“I didn’t want Beau calling. I’m sorry I didn’t think it’ll turn into a big fuss.”

“If it happens next time just let one of us know you’re okay.” Grace smiled. I turned my phone on; it started beeping every 3 seconds indicating I had a new message. Georgia soon came back in the room.

“What did he say?” Tilly asked.

“Seeing as he’s been more worried then any of us here he is relieved but also angry and upset at the fact you walked off like that.” Georgia said, looking at me. All I could do was sigh. I guess I was in the wrong.

“What happened?” She asked sitting down on the floor looking up at me.

“We just had a bit of an argument,” I shrugged, watching my phone still beeping with new messages and such.

“What about?” Ro asked.

“He had scratches over his face and his knuckles were busted, I asked him what happened and he shouted at me and it went on from there.” I told all of the girls. I noticed their gaze fall to the floor as soon as I finished. “What?” I asked, something was up or they knew something I didn’t.

“Oh, nothing.” Georgia smiled.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“It’s just that Beau-” Georgia went to carry on but Grace whacked her on the head. “What was that for?!” Georgia shouted at Grace rubbing her head.

“Shut up Beau said he would tell her okay?”

“Fine,” Georgia grumbled.

“But I want to know,” I told them.

“Nope, Beau will tell you when he comes to pick you up.” Grace said getting up from the sofa. I groaned in frustration, what’s going on?

“You still up for tonight?” Georgia asked referring to the sleepover.

“Yup,” I replied. “Are you all coming?” I asked the other girls. They all nodded.

After 5 minutes of talking there was a knock on the door. We all looked at each other funny as we didn’t expect any on to visit or come round. Georgia got up to go answer the door. I looked at my phone to find 23 text messages and 11 missed calls. Oh shit. Most of them were from Beau and the rest were from the girls and boys.

“Oh, hey Beau.” I heard Grace say awkwardly. I looked up to find Beau standing in the doorway. He didn’t look happy either. I gave Georgia an ‘I told you not to’ look, she mouthed ‘sorry’.

“Amelia, come on, we’re going home.” Beau instructed. I went to argue back but thought it’ll be pointless, it wouldn’t get me any where. I rolled my eyes, got up said bye to everyone and walked out with Beau following me.

I didn’t look or say anything to him in the car journey home. My eyes were permanently attached to the window. 


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