Amelia Becker and Beau Brooks were the perfect couple. Everyone envied their relationship. It only took one life changing event for them to realise how much they meant to each other. Forgotten, that's what Beau was. He felt lost without having Amelia knowing the truth, without having her in his arms whenever he wanted. Will she eventually learn to trust Beau and regain her memory?


15. Chapter 15

“Mi, what’s wrong?! What’s happened?!” A panicked Beau rushed over to me, wrapping his arms around him. I finally felt safe, at home.

I buried my head in the crook of his neck; I still had tears building up in my blue eyes. I couldn’t speak. It felt as if I had a lump in my throat as much as I wanted to talk I just couldn’t. “Mi, please, you’re scaring me.” Beau said with concern. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I burst into tears, mascara running down my face, ruining Beau’s shirt.

We were now next to Beau’s car. It had been 4 minutes and I was just starting to calm down. Beau tilted my chin up, running his thumbs under my eyes, wiping away the smudged make up which was probably all over my face.

“What happened?” Beau asked calmly.

“Marcus, he-” As soon as his name was mentioned Beau’s whole body tightened, his face hardened and his eye’s became full of rage.

“I’m going to kill him!” Beau let go of me and started walking towards the night club. I rushed up to him gripping hold of his wrist.

“Beau, don’t please. I just want to go home.” I pleaded him. I wanted to get away from this place, especially from Marcus; I didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

“No, Amelia. I’m not letting this go. He isn’t getting away with it so easily this time.” Beau said through gritted teeth. His fists were clenched, they started going red.

“Beau, please. I don’t want to be near him.” I felt my eyes go watery. I bit my gums to stop myself from crying again. He looked at me with a sad expression.

“Okay,” Was all he said. He took my hand and we walked back to the car, but something was telling me he wasn’t going to let this go so easily.

The drive home was silent, I felt drained. The crying had tired me out. I just wanted to go to bed and sleep, peacefully with no interruptions.

“Mi, we’re here.” Beau said softly. I was daydreaming most of the way here, I didn’t notice we got home already. I got out the car and slowly made my way inside our apartment. I felt as if I had no energy left inside of me. All of a sudden Beau picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I didn’t complain.

“Comfy?” He asked, chuckling a bit.

“Mhmm,” I said sleepily.

Beau switched the living room light on as soon as we got in and walked over to the bedroom. He placed me down on the bed, placing a kiss on my cheek. I kicked off my black heels and got myself comfy. Beau covered me with the duvet and walked out the room.

“Beau,” I moaned.

“Yeah?” He soon appeared in the door way.

“Where are you going?” I tried so hard not to shut my eyes.

“Just going in the kitchen to make myself something,” He told me.

“Oh, okay,” I mumbled.

“Night beautiful.” I heard him say before I started drifting into a deep sleep.

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