Amelia Becker and Beau Brooks were the perfect couple. Everyone envied their relationship. It only took one life changing event for them to realise how much they meant to each other. Forgotten, that's what Beau was. He felt lost without having Amelia knowing the truth, without having her in his arms whenever he wanted. Will she eventually learn to trust Beau and regain her memory?


1. Chapter 1

{Inspired by 'The Vow'}

Have you ever had an event happen to you in life which changed who you were and who you will be? Have you ever thought about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month and maybe even next year? No-one can change what happens, everything happens for a reason whether you like it or not. This is my only piece of advice to give to you: cherish every moment you have in life, even the little things because one day what you once had you may not have anymore and you’ll soon realise that they were the big things.

My name? I’m Amelia Becker and this is how my story all began.

I could feel the warm breeze blowing through my long straight blonde hair, the burning hot sun shinning down on my radiant skin, the music on full blast whilst I was zooming down the road. Summer hasn’t even begun yet and it’s already boiling hot outside. I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror. God, do I look a mess. I checked the time in the car to see I had 2 hours to get ready. Better make my way home now if I want to look nice for tonight.

I was going out for dinner tonight with my boyfriend, Beau. We’ve been together 3 years today. He organised for us two to go out for a meal tonight. He told me he had something super important he wanted to ask and talk to me about. My immediate instinct is that it’ll be something really bad. I mean, come on. I’m sure that would be yours too, right?

I went to turn the music up a little more when I felt my phone vibrate. It’s Beau.


“Hey, babe, listen. About tonight shall I pick you up at 8 instead of 7?” I swerved my car as I wasn’t paying much attention to the road.

“Yeah, whatever. Beau, you know that thing you want to ask me? Is it something bad?” I bit my lip hoping the answer wouldn’t be ‘yes’.

“Oh course it isn’t. Why would it be?” I sighed with relief and a smile cracked on my face.

“Just wondering. Beau can I call you back or something? I’m kinda driving at the moment.” I tried my hardest not to lose control of the car seeing as I was only driving with one hand. “Turn Left” My Sat Nav spoke out giving me a fright, causing me to jump a bit.

“Ok. Drive safely. I love yo-” The last thing I heard was Beau’s voice as I went crashing into another car. I heard the loud bangs as my car rolled over multiple times. My head was spinning drastically. My vision begun to go blurry as the last thing I saw was blood splattered across the windows. I shut my eyes tight as my car flipped over one last time. Everything soon went black.

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