Silent as the Shadows

For the Heir of Fire writing competition. Cara, a deadly assassin is sent on a job by her mysterious benefactor. But who is this benefactor and why do they want this man dead?


2. The Kill

Cara’s thoughts were scrambled. Dagger had caught her off guard, to say the least. If she couldn’t get close to him then how could she kill him? She’d only brought close-range weapons, thinking this task would be the easiest yet.

No wonder the benefactor is paying me so much to kill him... he could have mentioned the Captain’s sexuality to me whilst briefing me though! She thought in annoyance. They’d be having words later.

She was more than aware of the blade strapped to her leg. And this silence... it was setting her on edge. Cara had never been in a situation quite like this before.

Dagger peered out of the window after hearing a couple of whoops from outside. He quickly ducked down and put a single finger to his lips as he turned his gaze to Cara. She nodded quickly, visibly scooting back on her seat.

Playing the scared, dumb child annoyed her. How much longer was she going to have to keep up the act?

The Captain crawled over to the bed on his hands and knees and pulled himself up.

“They’ll find out one day.” Cara found herself saying. Dagger stared at her incredulously and she realised she had spoken of character. Cara forced a blush. “This secret of yours... one day they’ll figure it out.”

His face turned into a grimace. If Cara allowed herself feelings when on missions, she would only feel one thing: pity. Dagger was a man so great that people would shudder at his name, and yet... he was afraid of himself and those that surrounded him.

Interesting... She thought in amusement.

“Not if I can ‘elp it.” The Captain snapped, his voice sharp. Those cold dark eyes dug into her, daring her to say different. All she did was nod.

Dagger rose and turned away, appearing to be searching for something. It was now or never.

Cara pulled up her skirts as quietly as possible, unpicking the blade. As she stood, the skirts fell gracefully back into place. The floorboards, thank the lord, weren’t in the slightest bit creaky but still, Cara was carefully of where she stepped.

She was only a few centimetres away when Quincy Dagger turned, his eyes wide. He looked from the blade to Cara.

“What are you doin’?” He asked in amusement, still not able to see through the charade. Cara smiled wickedly at the Captain, and that feeling – pity – hit her again.

“The Reaper says hello.” Dagger’s eyes widened in shock, as if recalling that name. He made to shout in distress. Before a single sound could be uttered, Cara’s blade had lodged itself into the right side of his chest, exactly where she knew his heart would be.  

Blood trickled out from his mouth and he began to splutter. She didn’t stay to watch, fleeing the room by climbing from the window onto the roof. From there, she watched until the body of Captain Quincy Dagger was located, before dissolving into the shadows.

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