The Knife


1. Prologue

"I DIDN'T MEAN TO KILL HER! WHY WOULD I KILL MY OWN SISTER?" Thalia Red, 17, sits in the interrogation room and screams at the police officer interrogating her. He stops for a moment to hand her a tissue, to clean up her tears. Her hand is still red, from holding the bloody knife. She wipes the tears off her face with her sleeve then uses the tissue to clean up the blood. She tosses the tissue, filled with the wet red blood, on to the table. Officer Hermann walks around the table and places his hand on Thalia's shoulder. He's an old family friend, he's like an uncle to Thalia.

"Thalia, if you would just tell me what happened this morning, you wouldn't get into as much trouble." She looks up at him, her tear-covered face red from screaming, then looks into the corner.

"If you want the story, fucking ask her."

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