I walked into the form room to find groups of girls sitting in separate parts of the room. The ones with their skirts up to their asses were in one corner, the ones running around screamind and biting eachother were in the other corner, and the ones reading a book together were in the middle of the room. What had i bought myself into?


6. Georgia

I didn't have my last lesson with Niall, so I didn't know anyone in my class. I walked in the classroom and decided to sit at the very back. As I was sitting down that curly haired girl came up to me

"Why are you in my seat, whore?" She asked me. I'm seriously getting fed up with her attitude towards me. Like seriously, who does she think she is?

"Sorry, I didn't realise this was your seat. Didn't have your name on it?" I said, I really surprised myself and clearly everyone else in the room seeing as they all gasped. God it wasn't even that bad!

"Look, nobody talks to me like that, now move"

"Looks like someone has to then, so no, I like it here maybe you should move" I said to her. She was seriously getting pissed but I didn't care, she couldn't do anything to me so I just stayed where I was and I started to unpack my bag showing that I wasn't moving. Miss Stanley walked I and stared at me and curly brown hair.

"Georgia, sit down, now." She said. I'm guessing curly is called Georgia then, interesting. Georgia just turned around and sat at the only available seat left, the front right next to the teachers desk. That should teach her to leave me the fuck alone! But now I'm listening to Miss Stanley's voice just go on and on about pi, and she just says equations like 3.14=rXd so that would equal 8.9363! I'm really not made for maths.

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