I walked into the form room to find groups of girls sitting in separate parts of the room. The ones with their skirts up to their asses were in one corner, the ones running around screamind and biting eachother were in the other corner, and the ones reading a book together were in the middle of the room. What had i bought myself into?


2. Friends

"Hi" I said to the girls, they just sat there and stared at me. It's really uncomfortable when your being stared at, I hate being centre of attention!

"Can we help you" a girl with brown curly hair said in a really snotty tone while all the other girls just laughed with the way she just spoke. Great. I didn't know what to say, like at all! I just wanted to sink into the ground and disappear!

"um... Yeah I'm new here, I'm joining your form?" I said

"There ain't no new girls here. Newbies sit in the corners by themselves." The ginger one said.

"oh okay..." I said quietly. I knew my time here was just going to be perfect! Really amazing! I've already met a load of friends! Yay. *note the sarcasm* so I made my way and sat in the corner to text my friends from my old school.

K = Me R = Rachael

K : Hey xxxx

R: hey, how's your new school?? Xxx

K: shit.

R: awwwwww how come? Xxxx

K: already made some 'friends' :(

R: don't listen to jerks alright? What groups are there? Every school has groups

K: loud slutty ones, crazy fun ones, and boring quiet ones xx

R: go to the crazy fun ones

K: I did. That's where I made my 'friends'

R: Go quiet then and see who you meet throughout the day xxx

K: okay thanks. Xx see you later xxx

R: bye xxx

Just then the bell went and all the girls in the room stood behind a chair. I didn't know what to do and sat behind the closest chair to me, where that curly brown haired girl came up to me. "Your in my seat, move"

So I moved, I couldn't see any spare seats anywhere, people had just put their bags on the seats giving me the impression that I wasn't allowed to sit there. So I just stood still, right in the middle of the room waiting for something to happen.

People were whispering things about me again, and I didn't know if there was something wrong. I'm beginning to get worried that I looked a mess or I had something down my face or in my hair, I didn't know so I felt really insecure about peoe talking about me.

All I could here was 'why was this ugly scumbag in here, is she that new kid?' And 'ugly bitch looking clueless in the middle of the classroom' and 'there's a new kid. Looks lame'. Not to brag or anything, but I used to be like up there in my old school, I could get any guy I wanted! But here... I'm probably the fat bitch of the school and I hate it!

Just then, a teacher with blonde hair walked in and she gave me a funny look, wow I must look really bad today then!

"Why are you standing there? Go find somewhere to sit, how about over there next to Ellie?" Ellie was the ginger one, the one who told me to sit in the corner, this will be fun. And I went to sit next to her, she was glaring at me the whole time I was walking towards her...

"Okay class, this is our new student, her name is Kathy, let's all give her a warm welcome, and here's you planner just ask for one of the girls to show you around " she said to me handing me my planner. "Thanks miss, the names Katie by the way, not Kathy" I smiled at her. I thought that was really polite but obviously not coz everyone around me was sniggering and the teacher gave me a glare. What have I done now?

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