I walked into the form room to find groups of girls sitting in separate parts of the room. The ones with their skirts up to their asses were in one corner, the ones running around screamind and biting eachother were in the other corner, and the ones reading a book together were in the middle of the room. What had i bought myself into?


4. First lesson

We walked into class, obviously being late. I never found out why he was picking up all his books from the floor, I'll have to ask him later. We walked into the room and because we were late, everyone was staring at us. Once again I'm centre of attention and everyone is staring at me. I hate it.

There was a man, who I'm guessing must be Mr Holder just stood there staring at me and Niall expecting us to say something. I'm kinda hoping that Niall isn't new as we'll and he knows what to say when we're late to class because otherwise we're doomed because I have no idea!

We were just staring at Mr Holder while Mr Holder and the rest of the class were staring at us. I hated the suspense!

"sorry we're late, sir" I blurted out. I had no idea what he expected us to say! But Mr Holder just grunted giving us a nod and turning back to his work so me and Niall took a seat right next to each other at the very back. It couldn't have gone any better, being able to sit next to your only friend at the back of the class!

The only bad thing, is that we had to listen to Mr Holder droning on about how Christopher Columbus travelled the world or something like that. I didn't really care, but everyone else in the class seemed very well prepared and keen to listen to the teacher.

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