Unexpected events.

Lennon and Luke have known each other since they were 3 years old, they are now 17 years old and they hate eachother! There moms (Liz hemming and Tracy swain) have planned for them to go on a road trip for three months till school goes back in for school. Will they learn to like each other? Will they fall deeply in love? Or will they stay hating each other? READ TO FIND OUT!

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2. TWO.

Luke's POV

I can't believe my mom and Tracy made me and Lennon go on a road trip but as I like to call it 'ROAD TRIP TO HELL!'

"If your thinking were gonna spend this whole summer fighting your wrong!" I said to Lennon "yea I know and no I wasn't think about that I was think of how fun this summer is gonna be" she says sarcastically with rolling her eyes

We have been driving for 5 hours and we have only said like 5 words to each other. I pull over to get some gas and run in to get Lennon and me some snakes and a drink I got her peace tea cause I remember she likes those, then for myself I got a rockstar energy drink and some candy and chips for Lennon and me to share.

When I got back to the car I see Lennon with her window down and her earphones in, she dose not seem very happy about this whole road trip to hell thing. "Here I got you some candy and chips for us to share and I got you a peace tea cause I know you like those" I said "thanks and you remembered I love peace tea?" She asked "ha yea I guess I did" I said them we drove for 3 more hours and it was getting dark and we didn't wanna spend the money on a motel so we pulled into a motel parking lot and slept in the car "night Lenn" I said think of how much of an idiot I was saying that "did u just call me Lenn?" She asked "yea sorry" I said "no it's cool I just haven't heard anyone call me that in a while" she said "well it's about time they do I guess" I said "ha yea I guess well yah night" she said an we fell asleep.

.............The next day...........

Lennon's POV

I woke up by the sound of loud music and Luke singing "Would it kill you to shut up?!" I yell over the music "sorry can't hear you!!" Luke said what an ass I was thinking I sat up and pulled out my phone and headphones and blasted my music so I wouldn't have to hear his garbage music. He finally turned down the music "how long have we been driving for?" I asked "about 2 hours do u want breakfast?" He asks me "uh...yea sure" I said.

We got out at this place called 'St.Pjs breakfast diner' "what do u want?" Luke ask as we are in line to order "I'll have a breakfast sandwich with a ice tea please" I said "ok I'll have the same it sound simple enough." He said I gave him a little smile and he gave one back. "Don't worry we will make this a good summer" he said while putting one arm around me "yea hopefuly" I said "hi how can I help you can I take your order?" The lady at the diner said Luke told her are order and she gave us are food "enjoy have a nice day" she said with a smile "you too" I said smiling back

We are all are food and we were listening to some 'Katy perry' we have been driving for 4 hours since the diner Luke saw a lake with a rent sigh on it, it was 5 minutes away from this town called 'Brancherwood' he drove down the dry dirt path and he called the number that was one the rent sigh in less than an hour the guy who owns the house came "hello I'm Trevor I'm the owner of this house" the owner said "hey I'm Luke and this is my girlfriend Lennon we would like to take a look inside of the place if you don't mind?" Luke said "sure go right ahead I'll be out here when your done" Trevor said

So many things came rushing in my head as we were walking through this beautiful lake front house like :why did Luke call me his girlfriend?: and : why the hell were looking at a house?: and a few more other things

Luke's POV

"So do u like it?" I asked Lennon she wasn't paying much attention "Hello Lennon?" I asked waving my hand in front of her face "yes what Luke?" She asked "I asked you if you liked the house it's 2 bedroom with 1/2 bathrooms and it's furnished" I told her " yea it's really nice but why are we here?" She asked me "because we can't live in motels and my car so we should get a little place of are own." I told her "really? What about at the end of summer?" She asked me "well they said we didn't have to go back. And if you don't wanna be here at the end of summer we will head back to Sydney" I said "okay but how much is this place?!" She asked and to be honest I really had no clue.

We walked back outside and talked to Trevor "so what did u guys think of it?!" He asked looking exited "it's really nice we love it but we are wondering how much?" I asked " well I tell you this it's was 1000$ but since you guys are so young and such a cute couple I will lower the price to 600$" The man said we were in complete shock and so exited we handed him the 600$ and said "we will take it!"

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