Unexpected events.

Lennon and Luke have known each other since they were 3 years old, they are now 17 years old and they hate eachother! There moms (Liz hemming and Tracy swain) have planned for them to go on a road trip for three months till school goes back in for school. Will they learn to like each other? Will they fall deeply in love? Or will they stay hating each other? READ TO FIND OUT!

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Lennon's POV

I still can't believe Luke and I are renting are own house! That meant we have to get jobs to play for the place! And there's not many jobs to do in Branchwood.

"Sooo what room do u want?" I asked Luke "umm I'll take the same room you can have the master" he said "ok well can I take your car to go get groceries?" I asked him "yea sure the keys are on the table" he said

Well I was driving though town looking for a grocery store I was deep in thought as well, I think I was starting to fall for Luke but I can't let him Find out cause I'm supposed to hate him right now, we have been on the road for almost 3 days it's too soon to like him!

I finally found a grocery store and walked inside with 200$ in my wallet I got fruit frozen pizza and other good things it all came to a total of 110$ I gave the girl who works at the store my money and left back to the house. On my drive back I saw a sign in the window of this café called 'Conversations'

I walked into the store and it was a cute layout and the people there seemed very nice while I was there I got a 'French vanilla' coffee to with three creamers I got back into the car I have been gone a hour now I look at my phone I had 5 missed calls from Luke and 18 text messages! I called him back

(Ring ring Ring ring) it rang four times then he picked up he started yelling at me "where are you!? You have been gone an hour!" He yelled into the phone "I got food ft the house then I saw this café that was hiring so I went in got a coffee and checked it out I'll be home in five god!" I said "don't get sassy with me goodbye" he said "yes dad! Bye" I said sarcastically and hung up

I got home and brought all the groceries inside and put them away I also washed the dishes and silverware that came with the house as well as the counters. After I was done I sat down and watched some TV the house came with wifi and cable it's was awesome!

"Hey what kinda food did u get?" Luke asked me "why don't you go look for yourself" I told him he rolled his eyes I let out a little annoyed chuckle.

Luke's POV

I walked into the kitchen and made myself some soup after that I had a shower Lennon was on the couch watching TV still she hasn't are lunch or dinner yet today so I poured her a bowl of soup and put in the microwave. After my shower I got in my pj pants and walked into the kitchen again "Your soup is gonna get cold Lenn" I said she didn't answer "Lennon your soup is in the microwave it has been in there for 3 hours" I said and there was still no answer so I walked into the living room to see why Lennon was ignoring me

Then I saw her peacefully sleeping, the bed sheets were dirty so I washed them then two hours later I made Lennon's bed and mine so u went to the living room and picked up Lennon bridal way and placed her in her bed, "night Lenn." I whispered I watched her sleep for 3 minutes she was just so peaceful and cute her blond hair pulled back in a pony tail her long eye lashes down I just wanted her to wake up so I could see those big green beautiful eyes, WAIT WHAT?! WHAT AM I SAYING!? IM SUPPOSED TO HATE HER!! I need to go to bed so I shut out all the lights in the house and turned of the TV And made my way to my bedroom when I heard a soft voice coming from Lennon's room "Luke?" Lennon said "yea? Sorry did I wake you up?" I asked "no you didn't but will you stay with me tonight? Please?" She asked me I was in complete and udder shock! "Yea, yea I will" I said smiling at her she moved over to give me room I got under the covers and fell right to sleep.

...........The next day (day 3)...........

Lennon's POV

I woke up and saw Luke sleeping beside me, I sat up and saw his dirty blond hair all messed up and his eyes still shut I thought he looked perfect, but then again why do I feel this way!? I can't feel this way about him!

I got up out my funny piggy slippers on and walked to the kitchen, I got some toast and got out the Nutella a bought yesterday. Then walked over to the living room and watched some 'One tree hill' on the TV, about a half hour latter Luke got up, "Morning" I said smiling "hey morning when did u get up?" He asked "um about a half hour ago" I said he nodded his head "I'm gonna go get dressed and go apply for a job at that café I was at yesterday" I said as he was making some coffee for me and him and getting himself some breakfast "oh ok what time are you gonna be home cause I wanna go find something to" he said " I'll be about an hour and a half at the longest" I said he nodded his head "I think I'm also gonna buy a bike so I can just ride that into town" I said smiling "that's cool want me to come?" He asked "sure if u want" I said he nodded his head.

Hope y'all liked this chapter!

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