Unexpected events.

Lennon and Luke have known each other since they were 3 years old, they are now 17 years old and they hate eachother! There moms (Liz hemming and Tracy swain) have planned for them to go on a road trip for three months till school goes back in for school. Will they learn to like each other? Will they fall deeply in love? Or will they stay hating each other? READ TO FIND OUT!

Updates are once a day!


1. ONE.

Lennon's POV

Hi my name is Lennon Swain I'm 17 I live with my mom Tracy Swain, and for my dad he left me and my mom 16 years ago my mom travels a lot so my grandma is living with us making sure I keep outta trouble. That's all you really need to know.

"LENNON IM LEAVING FOR LIZ AND LUKES SO HURRY UP!" My mom called from downstairs "IM COMING!" I yelled at my mom from the top of the stairs.

We left for Luke and Liz house did I mention we HATE each other! We used to be best friends but after the band split up we started hating each other because my ex Calum and him kept fighting and everyone got tired of it so they decided to end it, then when I was dating Calum he hated Luke so I started hating Luke.

We got to Luke and Liz house.

"LUKE COME DOWN HERE PLEASE!" Liz yelled at Luke from down stairs. "COMING!" Luke yelled back. When Luke got downstairs and saw me he rolled his eyes and I rolled mine right back.

"So guys we are best friends and you two have been friends forever, now you hate each other, we are done with the arguing and rudeness with you two so this summer you guys are gonna take Luke's car and your gonna go on a road trip TOGETHER" Liz said Luke and me were shocked we started blabbing at are moms and at each other say stuff like "no I can't an will NOT spend my summer with that!" Finally my mom Tracy said "YOU TO BETTER LEARN TO LIKE EACH OTHER BY THE END OF SUMMER OR ELSE WERE GONNA HAVE PROBLEMS! YOU GUYS LEAVE IN 3 HOURS!" We just say there shocked we have never heard my mom tell like that before, "and if you guys come back at the end of summer liking each other great! If not don't come back till you do!" Liz said to us.

My mom took me back home so that I could pack. "Hey Hunny you have less than an hour to be ready" my mom said slowly coming into my room, "yea I just need to pack a few more things and I'll be ready" I said with a small smile "okay I'm gonna run to the bank to pull out 1000$ for u I'll be back soon love you" my mom said to me "okay I love you to" I respond

My mom got back home and I was all packed up we got in the car and drove to Luke and Liz house he was also all packed "we pulled out each 1000$ for you guys for this summer to SHARE!" Liz and my mom said

We all said are goodbyes and I love you to are moms and we hit the road!



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