Unexpected events.

Lennon and Luke have known each other since they were 3 years old, they are now 17 years old and they hate eachother! There moms (Liz hemming and Tracy swain) have planned for them to go on a road trip for three months till school goes back in for school. Will they learn to like each other? Will they fall deeply in love? Or will they stay hating each other? READ TO FIND OUT!

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4. FOUR.

Luke's POV

Me and Lennon were driving through town when she pointed to the cute little café with the 'Hiring' sign in the window.

I dropped her off then left back to the house to do some cleaning, When I got home I called my mom (Ring Ring) "hello?" She said "HEY MOM!" I said "Hey sweetie how is everything going?!" My mom asked "it's alright I guess we are renting a house right now and I just dropped Lennon off at her job interview" I said "oh well good for u guys and good for her!" She said sounding proud "yea but I gotta go clean I'll call you in a few days" I said "okay sweetheart I love you!" She said sounding happy "I love you to mom" I said then hung up.

I started off cleaning the bathroom since it was pretty gross in there then after that I still had 30 minutes to clean before I had to pick up Lennon, so I decided to do the dishes and after I was all done that I got in my car and drove to the café.

When I got there Lennon was just coming out with a big exited smile on her face. "Hey soooo? How did It go?" I asked "oh umm i didn't get the job" she said turning that wonderful smile of hers into a disappointed frown "oh I'm so sorry" I said "Nahh I'm just kidding I start tomorrow morning!" She said jumping up in excitement "OMG I really did think you didn't get the job! I'm so happy for you!" I told her.

After I picked Lennon up we found a sports store that had bikes outside, we parked the car and walked into the store,

"Hey I like this one it's only 50$" Lennon said pointing at a pretty blue and green cruiser "yea sure if u like it it will but it for you" I said trying to be kind "no I don't want you to I have my own money" she said sounding sweet but yet a little annoyed.

We go to the till and she bought her bike, "that will be 50$ including tax" the cashier said "yea here you go" Lennon said looking down at the bike "thank you have a nice day" the cashier said

When we got back to the car Lennon hopped on her bike "umm hey Lennon? Where are you going?" I asked looking confused "I'm riding my new bike home" she said with a little smirk "okay well be careful" I said to her, Tracy and my mom would kill me if anything happen to her.

I got home and Lennon wasn't there yet I was guessing she was riding and taking a look at the town, I was watching TV till I got a phone call from a unknown number I still answered it tho "um hello?" I asked "hello is this Luke hemming?" The man asked "yes it is, who am I speaking to?" I asked confused "this is head officer Clark we would like you to make your way to the hospital as soon as possible" he said making me worry "ok is everything alright?" I asked "it's your friend Lennon we will explain more when u get here" he said as he hung up

I rushed up to the hospital as fast as I could! I couldn't think what happened but I sure was worried and scarred!

Once I got to the hospital I saw a officer and walked up to him "hello are you head officer Clark?" I asked with my voice all shaky "yes and you must me Luke, Lennon's friend" he said "yes what's going on?! Is Lennon ok!?!" I asked yelling a little "no need to tell sir but Lennon was riding home I'm guessing and she got hit by a car when she was crossing the road" he said

My eyes got watery and I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach "OMG WHAT?! IS SHE GOING TO BE ALRIGHT?!" I asked almost crying and to think my crush may die! It was terrifying! "Well since it was a 35 max speed section it's not to bad and it was just a little car that hit her but I'm afraid she is in Coma right now. I'm so sorry sit" he said

After hearing that I took a seat and put my head in my hands and started to cry. "May I...I please s...see her?" I asked all Shaken up "yes it's just the 4th room on your right" he said

I walked into her room, he beautiful face was all scratched and bruised up he dirty blond hair was in front of both her shoulders, "Lennon please wake up I can't undo the past but I want you to know so that if you do die you know that I'm in love with you I always have been always will be just please wake up" I said crying I didn't think she could hear me but at least I told her.

It was 10:00pm and I was sooo tired I decided to sleep here just incase anything happened to her, I fell asleep right beside her holding her soft cold hand in a green hospital chair.


The next day:

Luke's POV

I woke up and saw I had 2 missed calls from my mom I didn't want anyone worrying so I don't call back, I got up and left to go to the cafeteria to get a coffee and a bagel I sat down at at small white hospital table I called the café Lennon was supposed to work at telling them everything that happen. When I got back to the room I say back down and was texting my good friend Ashton telling him about everything and how scared and sad I was.

Ashton agreed to come up till Lennon was awake.


Two days latter.

"Ash!" I yelled out "Luke my man!" He said "so how is she doing?" He also asked "I really don't know I read to her and talk to her everyday and then i remember she's in coma" I said looking a the ground "oh man I'm so sorry to hear this" he said giving me a bro hug.


Hey Guys hope you likes this chapter!! More coming soon!

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