Unexpected events.

Lennon and Luke have known each other since they were 3 years old, they are now 17 years old and they hate eachother! There moms (Liz hemming and Tracy swain) have planned for them to go on a road trip for three months till school goes back in for school. Will they learn to like each other? Will they fall deeply in love? Or will they stay hating each other? READ TO FIND OUT!

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6. FIVE.

One month later..

Ashton's POV

It's been a month and a half since Lennon went into a coma she's still not awake. I was in the room beside Lennon scrolling through my twitter I took a deep breath in "nothing to new" i said to myself all a sudden I feel something lightly patting my arm, I look beside me I see Lennon's hand taping on me lightly! Her eyes were still closed but she was moving.

"LUKE LUKE LUKE!?" I yelled from the room "ASHTON WHAT IS IT WHATS WRONG?!" Luke said barging in the door "l....look" I said pointing at Lennon "OMG" I whispered to myself

Luke's POV

I just got in the room, Lennon is waking up!! I see her eyes flutter open and god was it ever good to see those beautiful eyes again. Her eyes were open she slowly sat up looking around she saw me then I walked over to her bed and she just jumped on me and attacked me with a big hug. "Omg Lennon how are you? How are you feeling" I asked her ashton was still in complete and utter shock "I'm, I'm great" she said giving me a beautiful big smile.

Sorry it's so short guys I'm gonna update tomorrow at school at lunch❤️ love y'all's !

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