When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


3. The way you kiss me

                                          Nolan Remington


                                    3.The way you kiss me


Few weeks later

I found my self sitting on the sofa and guess who sat right next to me,Lillian we had become friends since that day when i saved her from that prick.it was late and i suddenly lost my interest to the movie. "Whats wrong?" She asked her voice was music to my ears.i just smiled to her. She turned to look at me with her big brown eyes."nothing,you are just beautiful." I said and started feeling awkward when i realised what i had said. "Thank you Nolan." She smiled.we stared each others not knowing that to do. "are you ticklish?" she asked me suddenly. i shook my head fighting whit the smirk on my lips. "are you sure?" she asked bringing her hands on my sides. and started to tickle me i stopped her hands i was much stronger than she was "oops." she said. "and what do we do bad girls like you?" i asked raising my eye browns. i tickled her and she was laughing so hard that tears were coming from her eyes. she whipped them away when i stopped. i noticed that i had moved on top of her as we lied on the sofa. her fingers run on my cheek softly touching  it. i felt so much pleasure when her hands just was against my cheek. the room was 100 degrees hot again. her hands touched my hair i didn't pull my head away like i always did when someone touched my hair i didn't want that someone would make my hair messy or even touch it i hated it. even if my own mum touched my hair i would jump. but her fingers were deep in my hair touching it but i didn't hate it. what was happening to my hard side. that i don't give a fuck about feelings or anyone. but i brushed those thoughts away and just looked her. she let small giggle and i raised my eye brown. "you look so deep in thoughts, smile." she said.i gave her small shy smile. "awwn you are so cute." she teased. "stop." i said laughing little. "can you kiss me?" she asked shyly. i looked her with sock. of course i could. but what if she though i was bad kisser, what if she would run? what if she would avoid me after that. i nod. and leaned closer. "you look so scared." she giggled little and her breath hit my face. it smelled like vanillas and roses. she lifted her head and her lips connected with mine. her lips were so soft that i had ever felt. her mouth was so gentle. her chest was against mine and i could feel her soft breasts against mine. even that we both had clothes on. i noticed that i my eyes were closed i carefully opened my eyes,her eyes were closed too. i softly bite her bottom lip. i felt the kiss getting faster and more heated as she opened her mouth and i could taste her and dance with her tongue. kissing her felt so good and right. we pulled slowly pulled away from the kiss. her lips were pink for the kissing and she was blushing. "how was it?" she whispered. "perfect." i said looking her. i sat down and she did it too. we looked each others a while. "you look like you haven't kissed girl before." she said shyly. i looked her and said "not girl like you." i said. she smiled little and looked down. "i really need to taste you again."i said with need. and pulled her on my lap her hands rested on my shoulders while i hold her waits. she placed her lips against mine and my tongue slipped inside he mouth at same second. her hands found my hair again and it felt good. i noticed that my hands were resting on her bum when she let small quiet moan. it drove me crazy. she bite my bottom lip and i felt her smiling against the kiss. we pulled away to get some air. "i think i should  go." she said. "okay." i said still bit clouded by the kiss. she left my flat and when i heard the door close i stood up to take class of water. i really needed cold shower. i was turned on and not just little. 

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