When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


5. the way it should be.


                                           Nolan Remington


                                          5.The way it should be



I woke up with horrible hungover. I looked next to me. I felt sick what i saw,last nights events run back to my memory and i didn't even like those memories,i hated them.for first time of my life i wanted to erase those. There Lied some random girl naked next to me. Shit. This felt so wrong. Her fingers run on my chest.she was awake."morning." She purred. I pushed her hands away. "You have to leave." I said. "What?" She asked. "Get the hell out!" I said. She picked her clothes and called me dick and walked out the house. I felt like shit. Inside out. I looked my self from the mirror. I felt like trowing up. I took shower but still felt like shit. I stepped out my door and locked it behind me. She walked past me not saying a thing. I crapped her arm. "What do you want?" She spatted. "Whats wrong?" I asked holding my head because of the headache. "Oh you dont remember?seriously! You are even worse than i though you were! Get of me." She said i hold her still. "Wait... What happened." I said. "Go find your self girl who fulls your needs you don't need Geek like me. What am i even saying. We aren't even together. I though that kiss ment something to you. But no."she said. "Wait? I'm sorry. I was in drunk. I didn't mean those things." I said. "Yeah. Right. Whatever. Forget everything,you are just heartless peace of shit." She said and walked away. I guess i said something hurtful to her. But hell i couldn't even remember. I was the worlds biggest loser. She deserves better and i would just hurt her. But she was wrong for thinking me of heartless person but yeah i was peace of shit. I did have heart cause i actually felt something when her fingers run around my hair when she kissed me. For first time of my life i actually wanted to be better person and show her that i could be perfect to her. Maybe i didn't need all the girls i never though i would want just want girl. Lillian was just somethig different she had strong options about things and she wasn't the type who would give up she was strong but same time weak. She was special and hell she was too good for me. I wanted to change but how. I found m self walking down the streets. Where was i going? No one know. Not even me. I forgot breakfast. First i needed breakfast the i could try my best to chage.


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