When the sun rises

Nolan Remington was cruel player with heart made of stone but that was before she met innocent,kind and beautiful Lilian Rose


8. Past is past

              Nolan Remington


   i opened the door of our bedroom. my bag dropped to the ground of my grip. it teared me apart .the pain in my chest was horrible. "Nolan.." she breathed when her eyes met mine. i was so angry. i felt used. "James." Thea whispered. this couldn't turn more shitty. was she fucking with my best friend? she fucked with my best friend!  "wait NOLAN!" Thea screamed. "the baby isn't mine. is it?!" i yelled to her. she started to cry. "TELL ME!" I shouted. she shook her head. "i- it is James." she said. "HOW COULD YOU!" i yelled. she just cried. why was she crying? i should cry. i was the cheated one here! "calm down, don't yell at her." James said. i gave him the coldest look. "don't you dare to say another word. you peace of shit! we were like brothers! how could you! with my fiancee! after all we have been through together! what the hell James!" i yelled to him.he didn't say anything. "you are DEAD to me. all of you!" i yelled and stepped out that house where i wasn't going to return ever again. 

  "Nolan." she whispered softly. i opened my eyes. it was just a dream. just a dream. i breathed for relief. she run her fingers on my hair. and kissed my cheek."sorry." i said. she looked me. "i'm sorry that i woke you up." i said. "its okay." she said. "wanna talk about it."she asked softly looking me with those big brown eyes. "i don't know." i said. "you can tell if you want, you don't have to." she said. "okay." i said. "you remember that day when i stormed of Thea's house. she was my fiance. i loved her, though.i'm not sure. but she was everything to me. we were together years. she was my everything. this one night i came home and she was cheating on me with my bestfriend James. James was like brother to me. we did everything together we have known each others since we were two. and Thea was one month pregnant. and i was so happy to be a dad. but the baby wasn't even mine. it was.... James. i hate what they did to me.  i trusted them. i would have die for them, back then." i said. "i didn't believe that i could trust anyone anymore. every time when i was with someone i felt like she was faking like Thea did. she didn't love me. it was like she killed some part of me. but then i met you." i said. she stayed quiet looking me. "i wouldn't never hurt you.right now i want to rip Thea's hair out. i care about you so much, that it scares me." Lilian said. " i care about you to. i wont hurt you, you fixed me." i said. she smiled shyly. "you so cute."  i said. it was dark but i knew she was blushing. "i love how you blush."i said. "how did you know i was blushing." she asked. "i just know."i said. she giggled little. "now let me kiss you." i said and she smiled and moved on top of me and kissed me softly. "i could kiss you forever." i said while kissing her. "then kiss me forever." she said. i hold her close me and we felled in deep sleep. this was what i needed. 


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